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In a world where materialism has captivated society, shopping has taken over the daily lives of individuals due to the rise of consumerism. No matter their age, people all over the world engage in some form of shopping throughout their life. People feel comfortable shopping as they believe others are focused on their own lives and therefore it is easy to establish their character and personality. No matter what the reason for shopping is, individuals have habits that are closely linked to their personality. These habits can be a reflection of the individual’s character as his or her actions while acting naturally can establish an accurate characterization. Impulsive shopping tends to be completely unplanned and results in a spur of the moment decision they engage in purchasing items. On the other hand, target shoppers often never go to a store without proper prior planning. As a direct contrast to both types of shoppers, indecisive shoppers often walk around aimlessly, out of boredom and leisure. While the reasons for shopping can range from impulsive to indecisive, each description represents a different type of shopper as everyday shoppers can take the form of many different types of people.    Often seen as one of the most popular types of people who shop, impulsive shoppers purchase items on a sudden whim without much thought or planning. Typically an action of women shoppers, there is little to no thought going into the purchase of a particular item. Impulsive buying can appeal to the emotional side of consumers whereas most items are not considered a necessity within the individual’s life. A moment of irrational self-gratification replaces these shoppers rational thoughts. Usually, these tendencies are found as a result of an emotional stressor. Impulsive shoppers often see the need to spend money or buy something new as a solution to dealing with the stresses of school or work. Also known as “retail therapy”, impulsive shopping has become a new solution to elevating one’s mood as a way to distract an individual from the unhappiness they are facing. A teenage girl who is stressed over studying for finals may engage in “retail therapy” with her friends as a way to escape the thoughts of school and allow for an increase in her mood. However, once the girl realizes that she does not truly need the item as the material possession will not increase her happiness, she will often end up returning those items. As technology continues to grow in the increase of the digital age, more shoppers are turning to online shopping due to its utmost convenience. Those who partake in online shopping have the entire world at their fingertips, allowing for impulsive purchases to become more frequent. Often times, individuals will buy items for the sole purpose of buying them. In the moment, his or her mindset may be thought that they can return the items later, but why not just buy all that they can and see what works out. Impulsive shoppers frequently develop shopping addictions, as the thrill of purchasing a new item, or the joys of getting a new deal spark a new found hobby that the individual can not get enough of.    Unlike an impulsive shopper, target shoppers almost always plan out and organize beforehand in hopes to be as efficient as possible. Usually consisting mostly of men, target shoppers only get the items that they absolutely need, as they do not like to wander around the store. They deem shopping a chore or a task rather than the leisure activity that shopping is considered to be an impulse shopper. As they try to be as efficient as possible, shopping does not usually take long due to a list of items made before going to the store that the individual will need to purchase. The act of planning and organizing the shopping trip is important to target shoppers as they do not enjoy wasting their time walking around a store browsing for items to purchase. More times than not, the individual will stick to his or her list and only go to the areas of the store where the items they are needing to purchase are located as a way to establish efficiency and ease. Due to the prior planning and effective organization, an individual who is classified as a target shopper will hardly ever defer from his or her list and impulsively buy something. This way, the shopper tends to stick to his or her budget better as it is quite uncommon for the individual to become sidetracked within the store. The ability to keep from becoming sidetracked stems from the utmost importance of efficiency to the shopper. As the individual only shops due to necessity, he or she does not enjoy shopping solely out of leisure and will try to avoid going to the store as much as he or she can. A dad on his way home from work will quickly run into the grocery store in order to pick up the items required for dinner. In the hopes of making his trip as effortless as possible, he will refrain from wandering around the store gazing at other items.On a complete contrast to both impulsive and target shoppers, leisure shoppers are often in groups where they tend to spend time at stores for the sole purpose of walking around. Without any particular item to purchase in mind, shoppers who spend their free time at the mall usually find themselves not looking to buy anything, but wandering aimlessly out of boredom. Although the individual is not there for the means of purchasing new items, he or she may buy something if the individual comes across it. This classification of shoppers consists mostly of younger teenagers that hang out at the mall with their friends. As adults see the mall as a place to shop, teenagers see the mall as a place to hang out with their friends while hoping for the possibility of running into boys while there. Leisure shoppers tend to not have any particular items in mind due to the fact that they use stores as a public place to hang out with their friends. A group of freshman girls may hang out at the mall on Saturday afternoon as a way to hang out with their friends and get away from their parents. Although they may not plan it, they may end up purchasing items as his or her friends give their opinions. Another type of activity that attracts older individuals to the mall for leisure purposes is mall walking. This individual walks or jogs along the long corridors of the mall without planning on purchasing any items. Many choose to engage in mall walking as a form of leisure in order to partake in daily fitness with ease. The mall is a desirable place for individuals looking for somewhere to walk around as he or she may feel more comfortable being in an indoor facility where there is access to necessities such as water, food, and bathrooms. Often times, senior citizens walk the mall as a way of getting a good amount of daily exercise and to be able to socialize with others. Walking in a mall provides a safe and clean environment for individuals to spend his or her free time. Those who mall walk are not at the mall for the purpose of purchasing items; however, many mall walkers will find themselves going into stores after they are done walking. Leisure shoppers often spend time at the mall as a way of escaping boredom and the hopes of having fun with their friends or as a safe way of getting in daily exercise.As shoppers tend to be in their most natural state as they believe other people are focused on their own lives, one can get an accurate representation of the characteristics of the different types of people who are shopping. There are people who accurately fit into each classification of shopper. Impulsive shoppers are unlike target or leisure shoppers in the ways that they act in a spur of the moment actions that result in the purchases of various items whereas target shoppers rarely differ from the planned and organized mission that is considered shopping. Leisure shoppers sometimes do not even end up purchasing anything due to the fact that they wander the mall in hopes of curing bored and wasting time. The different types of shoppers can be classified based on the traits and qualities each individual presents.

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