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In “Do Video Games Kill” author In “Do Video Games Kill” Sternheimer uses a lot of pathos to appeal to the audience by telling sad incidents where children shoot up there high schools. This article is very intriguing  because it is actual research conducted by a PhD sociologist at USC.  Based on analyzing  newspapers and  FBI reports Sternheimer believes that video games are not one of the causes of youth violence. It is interesting and it raises an important question if we are focusing on a problem that we believe is raising  teen deaths rates but its false, then what are the real causes that we are failing to see because of that. Sternheimer talks about what she believes is really causing teen violence which she believes is “family violence, depression, and guns” (Sternheimer 206). This article shows how society works and the way the media works in this case all with video games as their target as a “contemporary folk devil”. Sternheimers also says that when studies have been conducted about this situation the results are mixed. Another point that Sternheimer talks about is how the media tried to say that because the cause of three high school shootings was because of the release of a game called “Doom”; the media tried to say that because those students played the game it cause them to act out what they did in the game in real life. Even though Sternheimer may have some logical and she may have very good points that i would agree with they do not help prove her point of the article. They only give other things to mix into the answer to the question why there are “young killers” (210).The reason i chose this article is that i myself enjoy playing video games and i like trying to see how things that you wouldn’t think are connected  to one another really are connected to each other.  Sternheimer may give her audience ideas to look into but she doesn’t persuade the reader to go in a certain after reading this article direction.

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