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In 1982, the Supreme Court made an important decision stating that all children have the right to public education in the court case Plyler v Doe, regardless of citizenship or immigration status.In recent decades, free education for undocumented children has been under attack. It is widely known that immigrants take the risk of crossing the border in hopes of securing a better future for themselves and their children, but debate has been going on for a while as to why undocumented children deserve a right to an education. Some believe that regardless of the court ruling, it is essential that children are educated in order to have an active role in American society, while others suppose that undocumented children should not have an education and instead use the taxpayers’ money to invest in children that were born and raised in America. Undocumented children deserve the right to exercise their freedom to free education in order to not only better their future, but to make contributions to society as well. Education is fundamental to instill into the minds of children for them to be able to assimilate and become productive members of society. In a fact-finding project done last year by The Georgetown Law Human Rights Institute, reported that an estimated 770,000 undocumented immigrant children live in the United States. After establishing residency in a community, undocumented children have the right to enroll in school. And yet, there are obstacles that discourage undocumented children to register for school based on their immigration status. With these intentional or unintentional barriers in place to discourage children to enroll in school, the result will be an unproductive child that will not have any contributions to give to society. Naturally, everyone benefits from an educated society. Due to the fact that education is public good, and taxes are used to pay for that public good, the opposing side has questioned if illegal immigrants pay for taxes. Maria J. Albo Carabelli, an adjunct professor of political science at North Georgia College & State University, published a study in the journal of International Social Science Review, and discovered that undocumented immigrants are subject to all taxes except income. This validates the point that yes, indeed, illegal immigrants do pay taxes which in return will pay for the free education that undocumented children have the right to have. Additionally, Genevieve Wood, Senior Communications Advisor and Senior Contributor for The Heritage Foundation, argued that undocumented immigrants are a drain on U.S. schools and the American economy. The problem with that is statistics that report on illegal schoolchildren “draining the economy” fail to provide an accurate representation because most available data mix legal and illegal children, hence making the data unreliable(Carabelli 116). How can the opposing side disagree with free education for immigrant children when the data distinctly mixes illegal and legal children? Essentially, the data is technically saying that children as a WHOLE is a drain to the economy. As stated earlier, all children have the right to enroll in school regardless of citizenship or immigration status by federal law. In a country that is regarded as the land of opportunities, there has been dialogue on free education for undocumented children. As a society, it is rational that children deserve the right to an education. It is also essential that education is fed into the minds of undocumented children to help undocumented children reach their greatest potential in the new society they reside in.

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