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 In I Heart Huckabees, Albert is trying to find his purpose and happiness through his choices. He hires Vivian and Bernard who are a husband and wife existentialist investigation team who push Albert to evaluate his life from the inside and find some sort of personal meaning. Vivian and Bernard make their clients dive deep to see who they are in both positive and negative light regardless of how hard it might be to admit it. The main question each character is faced with is, what matters and what is my place. They start by trying to make Albert just see what is going on around him and in his personal life. He is stalled in a cycle of anguish through continuous repetition, uncertain of life’s next step. Sartre believes that human life will bear this overwhelming condition as we are alone in choosing our actions and this is exactly what Albert is facing. He is stuck in the ultimate cycle of finding purpose. “What is our purpose? “If nothing matters, how can I matter? I don’t know if nothingness matters or somethingness matters. I’m trying to figure that out” (Russell, I Heart Huckabees). To try to get Albert to focus on other things besides his anguish, the investigators try various techniques which lead us to the reoccurring blanket. The blanket represents the idea of deliverance or everything in the world that is interconnected. It is amazing but it is also nothing special. No matter what something is, it is connected to everything else. We are not alone. The end idea is that we should treat each other the same. We are not the same person but we should treat each other as if we are. Although we are different people, we have the same ending, the same feelings, the same mentality. We have the same purpose, whatever that purpose may be thus we are all interconnected and not spiritually alone. So, we are all trying to find a meaning. We are looking for the answers that do not exist and will never exist in the sense that we want them to and this is an ongoing cycle in life. Is there a God? What happens when we die? Why was I placed on this Earth? Why is there something rather than nothing? Sartre states that if God does exist, “we have no stage to legitimize our conduct. There are no directions for our actions or justifications. We are alone with no excuses” (Fiero, 427). According to this quote, we will choose as we may and with our choice our consequence will be. Albert is in a state of denial throughout the movie as he does not see life working in his favor. He is searching for answers that do not exist in an obvious context as there are no directions or justifications to guide of legitimize his choices. Throughout the film, we see the ultimate downfalls of choice and free will but eventually we get to a place of hope. Albert and Tommy are seen hitting each other with a ball which represents the Buddhist ideals of pure being or spiritual guidance. They are at a place of just existence. They stop thinking, they stop analyzing, they just are. They are free to just exist and nothing else. For a second there is no search for meaning. Both characters hit a sense of enlightenment and they start to just live. The have escaped suffering and continued on through the four fundamental truths even though this is only temporary. As Buddhism, enlightenment, and existentialism were evident in the film and the main characters reached a place of just being, we have learned that it is not a long-term solution. Human drama is inevitable and suffering cannot be diminished. “Existence is a cruel joke” (Russell, I Heart Huckabees). It is a continuous journey of self-determination and personal will that must propel the individual person forward or it will bring him to his knees. This brings us back to Sartre’s anguish. An ever-looping cycle of trying to find answers with no guidance. 

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