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In this literature review, two terms of ‘Solution-Based’ and
‘Problem-Based’ will be used.Based on literature review has been done till now the Problem-Based
approach has been explained as “with ‘Technology Pull’ an existing
technological product obtains new and improved qualities by the interpretation
and application of biological principles.” (Pohl et al, 2015) or
“designers look to nature and organisms for solutions, where designers
must recognize exactly their design problems and match their problems with
organisms and creatures that have solved similar problems.” (Aziz et al,
2016) or ” the Problem-Based approach is based on design problems and
human needs to find answers in other organism or ecosystems with similar
problems.”  (Al-Obaidi et al,
2017).       The Solution-Based approach has been explained as “the
biological discoveries are the basis for the development of new, technological
products. The direction of development runs then from the knowledge and data of
biology to the formulation of an idea and development of a technological
product.” (Pohl et al, 2015) or ” this approach depends on the
previous knowledge of biological research and solution not to search for a
solution in nature, then applying this knowledge to the design problem you
already have.” (Aziz et al, 2016) or ” Solution-based approach
which refers biology to design. This direction relies on the biologist or
ecologist to adapt biological properties into a human technology to find
answers and then identify human design problems.” (Al-Obaidi et al,

For Pool Research, since it has been mentioned solely in the
‘Biomimetics for Architecture & Design_Nature_Analogies_ Technology’ book,
there is only one definition. As Pohl et al (2015) definitions ” It
comprises the collection of fundamental knowledge from biology to better
understand biological functions with the goal of technical application, without
however needing to immediately determine what that application might
specifically be.” (Pohl et al, 2015). 

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