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In the economic
world, labour market is important for every single companies and every
employer. Based on the law, supply and demand are equal which is called
equilibrium and it will determine by price. In the labour market supply and
demand are playing big roll each time buying and selling goods and services. Also,
it’s backbone to the market economy.  Supply is representing retailing activity of
business and the affiliation between the many probable prices of merchandise and
the amounts of the product that businesses are willing to supply product.
Demand is representing the several conceivable prices of a product and
quantities of that product consumers are willing to purchase the goods in the
market place. The reasons are affecting labor market wage factor, barriers to
entry and market equilibrium.

First, the most
significant issue is wage factor in supply and demand. The wage rate is
representing the amount per unit of labor. Some example of wage factors is working
conditions, the amount of leisure time, facilities available at work, the
sociability of the hours. Once the wage rate is high, proprietors limit the
number of employees they hire. Also, Employees who improve their skills they can
improve the demand for their facilities, meanwhile they are more creative to
their proprietors. Furthermore, Lower wages possibly will rise the labor demand
since businesses can manage to pay for to hire more people at a lower rate than
at a higher rate. This outcomes in a persistent tug of war in the gentle
equilibrium between supply and demand. For example, a higher amount in the
labor marketplace principals to a reduction in the quantity of labor required
by employers, even though a lower salary principal to an increase in the quantity
of labor demanded. Also, a higher amount for labor leads to a developed measure
of labor provided and a lower price leads to a lower measure supplied.

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significance issue is barriers to entry factor in supply and demand. Demand
from employment companies might enthusiasm as the employees can pursue remain
focussed in some specific ability and have many requirements for new hires. When
entering an prevailing market is not always easy there might some substantial
barriers that can make it more problematic for innovative opponents to set up
and sell the goods into the marketplace. Some examples are economies scale, product
difference, investment requirements, cost disadvantages independent of size, access
to circulation channels and government policy. 
In the economic of scales demand side or supply side may found some
costs of raw materials, service, manufacturing, research and marketing. In
economic scale are not significance as the expenses accompanying with their growing
difficulty can meaningfully balance in the least decrease in prices paid.  

Finally, market equilibrium
refers to the firm point at which demand and supply curve intersect. Moreover, an
growth in demand reasons the equilibrium price to rise. Instead reduction in
demand reasons the equilibrium price to fall. An rise in supply reasons the
equilibrium price to fall, while a decrease in supply causes the equilibrium
price to rise. For example, the equilibrium price of chocolate falls from $3.25
to $2.50, but the equilibrium quantity increases from 250,000 to 550,000. From this
the equilibrium amount needed increased, even though the demand curve did not
move. As a result, is higher equilibrium quantity of chocolate bought and sold
in the marketplace at a lower price.

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