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     In the story A Night Divided written by
Jennifer Nielsen the lesson they teach is that if the work is put in, it will
work out. The story starts with a German family living in east Berlin. The
father is not a fan of the east sides political views, so he and his son
Dominic pass the border and go to the West looking for jobs and a place to
live, so they can live over on the west side. Overnight while they are
searching, a barb wired wall was built separating the father and son on the
west while the mother, daughter Gerta, and older son Fritz on the east side of
the now called Berlin Wall. A few years later Gerta now 12 years old, spots her
brother Dominic and her dad on the other side of the wall. Her dad does a dance
that he used to do for Gerta before she went to bed but instead of doing a
watering motion he does a digging motion. She kept wondering what that meant
but she figured out that her father wanted her to dig under the Berlin wall to
the West now a much larger and heavily guarded wall. The day after Gerta spots
her father and brother again and draws an X in the dirt asking where she must

     Later on in the story, Gerta is given a
drawing of a building looking like it is about to fall on its side from her
friend Anna. Anna’s brother smuggles goods from West Berlin which he gave to
Anna for Gerta. What Gerta figures out is that the drawing is one of Fritz’s
drawings showing the location of where she should dig. Gerta goes searching for
this odd specific building, once she finds the building everything else on the
street was abandoned as well. In the building, below there laid a bomb shelter
unused of course great for digging. Later into the day Fritz tells Gerta that
he wants to swim across a lake to cross the border but before he gets any other
ideas Gerta tells Fritz that there is a bomb shelter under a building where they
can dig, and he agrees since her idea was much safer. Fritz and Gerta start immediately
and use their grocery money to buy things for digging like flashlights,
shovels, etc. and as well receive approval from the soviets which were the East
Berlin Government to make a “garden” outside the old building to distract them
from what their actual intentions were. The Soviets come one day to check their
progress on the garden which was not their plan at all since their suspicion were
high but thankfully Gerta was working on the garden, so she distracted them for
a cramped amount of time just before they get called for something urgent.

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