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In the recent past, there has been a
significant concern of ways of making privacy of data for customers. On the
same development, individuals are advised to use big data analysis in designing
effective strategies in the market competitions. The paper is going to excavate
on the revolutions, control, best practices and recommended ways of ensuring
the privacy of big data. The main reason for having this review is to inform
the business individuals to be aware of brokers who practice fraud in providing
falsified information which lacks privacy in collecting data. There is a
negative impact on the economy due to lack of privacy on data collected on the
local market and the economy. Privacy of data must be upheld to control the
impacts on the local market and economy. This essay wiil argue that proactive
enterprises can positively manage Big Data privacy concern because of accurate
data collection, secured Big data , and proper procurement.


Privacy of big data concern can be assured by
the use of accurate data from the reliable source. Data that is collected by an
individual (Ghosh & Lewis, 2015) is supposed to meet the FTC minimum
irreducible thresh hold requirement as per the ISO standards. Data is supposed
to be simple and accurate in nature. This would assist individuals in making
right decisions as they created ago through of the given data. Quality
assurance must be adhered to by those individuals who are participating in the
activities of the data analysis. Control and regulation involve to be done to
assess the way the searches are being made. It has been a big challenge in collecting
big data from an online source as some of the information is given is presented
in an informal format. Control measures and regulation (Bhimani &
Willcocks, 2014) are important in the current situation. It is prudent for an
individual to monitor the current standards that are pertinent to the handling
of such matters. Accountability and audit must be compiled by the companies
that do provide data analysis. Shin (2016) stated that Big data control and
regulation enables both the government and the private sector to attain
accurate prediction of certain specific goals. For example, the government is
supposed to know the population of its country to be able to manage and control
how the population growth rate is trending.

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One of the methods to ensure Big Data privacy
concern is collecting accurate data. There are concerns that involve to be
checked and secured in big data analysis about the privacy of big data
analysis. Demirkan and Delen (2013) has indicated that individuals and have
been given a precaution on relying on big data analytic brokers who collect
data about the market trends. Acording to Kshetri (2014), states that brokers
in the big data analytics  sells this raw
data to companies to obtain some commission. Biased, inaccurate and unreliable
data must be avoided as much as possible. Weber, (2015) explained there have
been trends whereby individual company brokers provide data for a given company
and then they go to inform rival companies about the secrets of that company.
Trust, faith, and competence should be upheld by individual brokers in the big
data analysis. Brokers in the big data analysis do sell data to many companies
using the single source. This has made many individual companies  lose trust as they obtain data is biased
(Zheng, Wang, Liu & Sun, 2015). Ensure the privacy of data is through the
use of surveys on a digital platform. Higman and Pinfield (2015) state that
there have been radical adjustments  in
the development of the big data analysis. Business communities have innovated
real-time ways that have faciliated in collecting big data. Michener (2015)
implies that companies have provided a digital platform whereby surveys have
been made through the digital arena. Individual clients are given surveys which
they take and return at a fee.

Privacy concerns of big data are also assured
by the use of proper procurement when outsourcing the companies to provide big
data. There are many companies in the recent past that have been involved in
the business of data analysis. This has created competition in the field. On
the same development, this has compelled the business community to vet
different companies that offer the big data analysis services. On the same
ground, it has been purported by experts that, competition in the market would
create service providers work smart in acquiring reliable data. Individuals
involve taking personal responsibility while taking surveys (Tachizawa,
Alvarez-Gil, & Montes-Sancho, 2015). Boyson (2014) explained that This have
made  all the stakeholders to form an
association that regulates the standard of the services that is provided by the
industry. Fawcett and Waller, (2014) describe that Individuals who provide
data  involve to account for the future
in case there is the fraud that is being realized: making the industry clean by
removing those individual companies. Tastes and preferences of consumers should
be monitored at its best. The business community involves obtaining raw
information that would aid in making necessary adjustments (Yan, Yu, &
Zhao, 2015). It is upon this strong foundation that business communities are to
grow (Boyson, 2014). It is prudent to consider the consumers in a periodic
manner for any business to be sustainable.



In conclusion, this paper has argued that
privacy concerns of big data can be assured by the use of scrutinization of
data, procure right companies, use accurate data and use surveys on a digital
platform.   Big data analytics has made
tremendous achievements recently. The revolution has converted from the use of
brokers of the big data analytics to the current mode of procuring and managing
of data. Big data analysis has enabled the government of the day to reproduce
appropriate predictions on the number of involves that the citizens involve at
a given time. The research has excavated the various ways of sanitizing the big
data analytics industry in a holistic manner. It is recommended for any company
and business community groups to design creative and innovative methods of
acquiring privacy data from reputable sources.




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