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In the situation for Khan it seemed like the only sensible thing to do.

She is only one out of hundreds worldwide that is taking matters into her own hands. In the world, there are approximately 10 000 illegal organs transplants being performed each year according to the United Nations. People are putting themselves at risk but it is the only way that some people might live.

There are also other factors that kills Canadians too, such as untrained professions that do the surgeries.  Donors may be left with unethical, painful complications that could force them to miss work or even require expensive follow-up care. This leaves the donor in a more financially precarious situation than prior to selling their organ.

However, in getting an organ transplant it also affects the family, sometimes making it a dangerous situation for them as well. In a recent study most of the organs that were needed (mainly kidneys) have come from family members. Family or friends of the sick usually felt under pressure to donate. In some events, the recipient feels they owe their lives to the donor resulting in a uncomfortable and sometimes unhappy relationship. Or even in a case where the donor feels like they need that person to stay with them just in case of an emergency.

In an example of Michelle and Brio, family acquaintances, Michelle donated some bone marrow to Biro. Not only did Michelle first feel obligated to give to Brio, but Michelle’s role was not over after the transplant was complete. “Now that ‘she had literally become a part of me’, Biro wrote that he wanted to keep her close by him in an event he might suffer a relapse of his past condition. (book)” Biro had Michelle cancel her life trips to Alaska because, Brio demanded her to, just to keep him feeling safe. Because they are close in relationship, Brio felt that he was able to tell Michelle these things. “Biro saw his medical needs as an automatic future claim over his sister’s body, which sustained him physically and psychologically. (book)” Brio admitted to never thanking his sister either because it would have “violated the pact of silence that brothers and sister feel compelled to uphold, (book)”. This is just one example of many nation wide of where it is not safe for the family or the recipient to receive an organ.

However, in situations such as these it can be prevented a random donor to receive money as compensation for all their work, ultimately creating a safer place for the recipients and their family members. Buying organs from sellors can create a safer and more reliable source to receive organs from, rather than pressuring the family members around the donor, or even having the donor to go across seas to buy one. This practice will conclusively save more Canadians, which should always be the number one top priority in Canada.   

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