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In the early ages people
used letters, phones, Tv and radio to communicate with others or always keep
themselves informed. With the increasment of technology and invention of
internet Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, MySpace, Web 2.0, Tumbler,
etc.  became the crucial sources for
people to share their opinions, communicate with others, and even react toward
a favorable or unfavorable situation. This way through years social media
platforms have become the unescapable part in everyone’s life.

Being introduction to the
public with the aim to build connections between distant others, they have
attracted millions of people worldwide to become their inseparable users. Having
the chance to scroll through their social media profiles any time and anywhere
no matter at home, work or on the bus not only made social media platforms
reach their goal and make people feel no distance but also it increased their
influence on people’s life. The influence not only lays in political, social
and economical aspects of a society as a group but as well as on everyone’s
personal life.
Social media platforms made us become preoccupied with sharing things of our
personal life to the point where ” if it’s not shared it never happened “.

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Facebook was one
first social media platforms that interlocked millions of people worldwide as
its users. As the people’s needs increase day to day and people become busier
with their life easy use and not complicated social media platforms are
introduced to the society every day. For example : Instagram, Twitter, Youtube,
different Blogs etc.
 Even though that Facebook has been for
many years one of the most used social media platform, in the latest years
Instagram has increased its appearance to everyone everywhere.
Founded in 2010, with its capability to share filtered or unfiltered photos,
videos, stories, comments and likes, Instagram became one of the most useful
tool for different generations to connect with each other. It also became much
more than that: it became as a status, a lifestyle, a work place, and more
interesting as a source of profit.
A new nationally representative survey of
American teenagers age 13-17 finds that teens have shifted their favored social
media platforms and are now most likely to use Instagram. (ScienceDaily, 2018).
What this is telling us is that people, especially teens, has become a social
media “slave” with a need to share their personal life. The word “privacy” lost
its value and the word “media presence” has appeared as an excuse for the lack
of one. Everyone on social media is aiming to become famous and the appealing
thing is that they can, they just have to have an Instagram account.

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