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In the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, a study about households was done by Annette Lareau. Annette Lareau had some very good points and examples of the two parenting styles on what makes their child most successful. Annette Lareau found different outcomes in a child’s abilities based on the way they were raised. She explains that “middle-class families raised their children in a different way than working-class and poor families, and that these differences cut across racial lines”(). Lareau says parenting styles have a huge impact on future outcomes. From what I understand I find Lareau’s study to be accurate most of the time. Lareau discovers from her study that working class and the middle class have very different methods of raising their children and because of this a child’s future outcomes are different. During the 1990’s Laurea did a study on 88 different families from different lifestyles. She did an experiment with close observations on 12 of those families. Instead of finding 12 different parenting styles she found that there was only 2. These 2 parenting styles were divided along class lines, the wealthier and the working class/poor. Based on these results she discovered how parenting styles affect a child’s success and learning habits. According to Laurea, the poor and working class practice “accomplishment of natural growth” and the middle class practices “concerted cultivation”. Poor and working class tend to take care of their child but give them room to grow and develop on their own. Which also is called “accomplishment of natural growth” by Lareau. On the other hand wealthier parents, who use what Lareau calls “concerted cultivation”, foster and assess a child’s talents, opinions and skills. “Middle-class parents see their children to be a project, trying to develop their talents and skills through reading use, through language use and time use, organized activities, and also interventions”(). Because of the different way these two classes are raised there is a difference in how these children grow.   For the most part I agree with Lareau and how parenting styles have a huge impact on future outcomes. I wouldn’t say a specific way to parent is better but I definitely agree that the wealthier have an advantage in future success. In an article response about Lareau’s study Laura Mckenna states “middle class kids gain advantages later in life, but are they really happier than working class and poor kids? (McKenna).” I know many people who are very happy even though they aren’t the wealthiest. Future success is definitely more difficult to achieve because they aren’t just handed the money or challenged by their parents to succeed. Just as Lareau stated “”. But because of this they have the challenge to work harder on their own to get to where they want to be in the future. Which to me I feel working hard for success is very important. I do not think that either lifestyle is better than the other. Lareau claims ” I think it’s common for kids growing up to think that their family is “normal,” then they grow up and they see a variety in families ().” This study can be can be related to many people’s families including mine.

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