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 In the materialistic and hecticroutine life, the obvious question, we should ask to ourselves. Are we happyfrom inside out? I am sure; everybody of us will have same answer. Not 100%.

Surprisingly, this is a truth. Human, being bundle of never ending needs andwishes, can’t be satisfied fully and they keep on their search of satisfactionwhich leads to happiness in their life.  I have spent my 29 years of lifein search of happiness. Gradually, I have learnt to live happy with mydissatisfaction. One won’t satisfy 100% and will always have reasons to beunhappy.

Are we prudent in finding any reason to be happy?  In teenage, I was cursing myselffor not being loved as I wasn’t into any relationship. I was staying in girls’hostel during my college days and I witnessed that everybody, except me, was intheir relationship and was busy in chatting with their loved one.  During college time, we had agroup of 9 close friends where 4 are couple and 9th one was me. Eventhough they are my close friend till date (and will be forever), I was feelingdisconnected sometime.

Despite getting enough attention during their company, Ifound a reason to be unhappy.  But today, I am feeling happy fornot having any relationship because, I am blessed to have loving and caringhusband in my despite having arranged marriage.  There are tons of things whichcan make you sad, but at the end of the day, you need to find happiness fromyourself only. Else you will lose yourself over a period of time.  When I was having satisfiedcareer, I was worried about my marriage, when I settled in married life, I wasworried about pregnancy. When I became mother of beautiful daughter, I againstarted worrying about my career. This is like a circle which doesn’t have anyfull stop.  We can’t satisfy ourselves fullybut can do a favour towards it always.

Can we do only one thing which makes ushappy? I have practicing the same and believe me it is working superb for me. Iam sure; it will work for you too. I believe, this is a real medicine forhappiness.  We live in illusion that, changesin life would bring happiness and we crave for changes every time, which maynot be true always.

But doing favourite thing in a day would definitely makeyou happy. We are always lost in our routine multi-tasking activities for whichwe must proud of it. Still, we must find some personal time for ourselves atleast 30 mins a day. Practice your favourite activity. Let it be cooking,swimming, hitting gym, dancing, reading etc. Don’t worry about your age.

Justgo for it.  These small moments will act as Medicine for your Happiness.

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