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today’s world, every advancement of technology involves with electricity.
Electricity has become a necessity in our daily lives.  Hence, engineers play a significant role in
the way we live and shaping the better world of tomorrow. From a very young
age, I was fascinated with how things are work and how to make it work. An
incident happened when I was nine years old, a Nintendo Game Console fell from
the TV stand while I was playing it and it was broken with the circuitry
exposed. Out of curiosity, I started to analyze the circuitry hoping I could
fix it back to normal so that I wouldn’t scold by my parents. After this
incident, it sparks my interest to know more about electronics.

I was in secondary school, I was more exposed to fundamentals of electrical and
electronics by taking physics and it reinforced my knowledge to it. I enjoyed
learning physics and mathematics which required a lot of logic thinking to
solve the problem. After my secondary education, I am sure that I want to
pursue electrical engineering as a career. 
When I was studying in polytechnic, I gain more practical exposure from
various of modules such as designing digital counters, installation of light
bulbs, programming microcontrollers, analyzing data spectrum. Through the
learning in polytechnic, it suits me well and gives me a lots insight of what
electrical engineering will be doing in the industry. After some deep thoughts,
I would like to broaden my knowledge by pursuing a degree in NTU as I eager to
learn more before I step into the industry.

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from studies, I worked as part-time as Fab Lab Assistant in school. Through
this working experience, it enables me to handle complex machine such as 3D
printers, laser cutter which is useful for my projects and it enhanced my
communications skill by providing technical assistance to the student. Other
than that, I am a hands-on person. During my free time, I like to search
interesting DIY projects ideas and making it into reality. A recent project I
did was a portable power bank which I bought the parts online and assembled it
accordingly by equipping electrical knowledge and soldering skills.

I am active in cocurricular activities as I am an executive committee in
Videography Club, we provide skillset training to the members and cover major
school events such as Arts Fiesta, Open House. It gives me a platform to work
as a team and enhance my videography skills. In church, I am a cell group
leader in my youth fellowship and it helps me to develops leadership skills
while serving in the church. Balancing these numerous extra-curricular
activities with my academic work forced me to develop my time management

the future, I hope my interest will enable me to become an electrical engineer
in power & control sector. I firmly believe I have the qualities required
to further my studies and to embark on such degree will beneficial to me.

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