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In the reading “Class in America”, Gregory Mantsios
describes 4 myths about class in America. However, the most common myth is when
he said the class is of no significance in America, we are all middle class, we
are all getting richer, and everyone has an equal chance to succeed.

America struggles with its social class framework and the
gap amongst rich and poor is becoming larger. Mantsios demonstrates the
extensive variety of class in America. There are outrageous contrasts in the
ways each class live. All of the Americans do not have the same opportunities
if they are born in different conditions. People of low class have less chances
than high class people. This is because of the negative effects social classes
bring to people lives. This creates unfair advantages and debilitates the
minorities to escape of the lower class.

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America likes to think it is the land of the equal but until
it can prove that it is just a lie. It seems everyday they make it harder and
harder for the poor to overcome their class standards and become better.

Therefore, believing such a myth do not harm society. On the
contrary, low class will work hard to succeed and have a better life because
they believe they are equal. 

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