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            In our
current society, there are many issues that have created media attention.
However, one particular topic is the reluctance of NFL players that strive to
entertain and put on a show. NFL players that are associated with various teams
have stood up the inequalities going on in America. They have put their
livelihoods and careers on the line to bring awareness to the social issues
that we thought disappeared decades ago.

the protests have caught the attention of the citizens of the United States, it
has also led to different media coverages. There is a bad, good, and neutral
aspect of any situation. That surely pertains to the topic of protests among
NFL players. On the bright side, the action of kneeling and protesting creates
the sense of humility among those paid athletes. It creates energy that spreads
in the communities that look up to that group of people. From the article “The
NFL ratings drop is worth it for the players’ right to protest, says a top
sports agent”, the author stated “A fall in NFL ratings is “worth
it” as long as players have the right to protest, well-known sports agent
Drew Rosenhaus told CNBC on Wednesday. “The players have the right to
express themselves,” said Rosenhaus, owner of Rosenhaus Sports. “I
believe the NFL is a great product and the fans that enjoy the game should not
allow this to impact their watching or their viewership.”

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“This should not be viewed as a
negative,  Rosenhaus said in the
interview on “Squawk on the
referring to the player protests. “It’s not anti-American. It’s not
anti-military. Many of the guys are from military families. “To
President Donald Trump’s disapproval, the NFL has decided it will not stop its players from
kneeling during the national anthem, Commissioner Roger Goodell said Tuesday.

The decision came as the league is witnessing a drop in
ratings this year. Rosenhaus said, “If there is a dip now, it’s not going
to last forever (Lovelace, 2017).”

            It is
clear that this media source agrees with the protest on social inequalities in
America. They feel as if ratings do not overpower the bigger picture which is

feel that media can take a little to far, such as Sports Illustrated quoted
Charles Barkley. “Barkley stated, “I’m sick of these media guys who have
hijacked the whole Colin Kaepernick situation and made it about whose
protesting, who’s standing for the Anthem (Sprung, 2017).” 

Media can sometimes an issue and over
sensationalize it to increase their numbers, readers and dollars. One must
make sure that they understand the source that they are getting their news and
if they are trustworthy source. With a very liberal view on the issue of
NFL protests, we can look at Fox news, a conservative news outlet, to see how a
different source of media handles the NFL protests. John R. Lott, of Fox news
says “The NFL players kneeling during the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner”
in football stadiums across the country are engaging in protests based on false
claims and misleading media reports that give the impression that police are
killing African-Americans at a rate greater than they are killing whites (Lott, 2017).

My own research shows that contrary to
some claims, blacks have good relations with police they deal with in their
neighborhoods”. This is a very big step in the other direction compared to what
Rosenhaus mentions above. The idea that Fox presents is that the NFL protests
should not be happening because there are no real reasons for them to take

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