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    In John Steinbeck’s short story ” The Chrysanthemums”, the Tinker and Elisa share differences and similarities. The Tinker and Elisa both have venturesome, delicate and sensual nature characteristics. In the story we could see that is very easy for them to understand each other,and share things that they cherish such as flowers and stars. Eliza who spends most of her time in her garden in an isolated farm, where there is no one to talk to, The Tinker could represent for Elissa a sense of freedom. Although the life of The Tinker had not been easy, Elisa believed or considered it more fascinating and interesting than her own, because Elisa shares the same “brooding” (Steinbeck pg.5)  in her blood, as The Tinker has in his eyes. ” It must be very nice. I wish women can do such things” (Steinbeck pg.5) she reveals. Unlike Eliza, The Tinker knows how to connect with people and understand their personality, he uses this to get what he wants and make a living.Just like a good actor, The Tinker uses or demonstrates different kinds of personalities to discover Elisa’s soft spot to gain or obtain a job. The Tinker’s face is able to ” fall to exaggerated sadness” (Steinbeck pg.6), or he is also capable of showing “genuine” interest in Elisa’s flowers that mean so much for her. After demonstrating and talking about the love she has for her flowers, Elisa turns vulnerable and decides to search for a job for the Tinker. If Elisa was able to control her emotions or know about people and had more experience with them, she would have been able to distinguish that the tinker was just pretending in showing sincere interest in her flowers. The Tinkers acting was not perfect, because he easily adapted a flowers scent to hers and as soon as her got the money form  Elisa, he completely forgot about the Chrysanthemums. At the end of the story we find her “crying weakly” (Steinbeck pg.13) showing that she has just given up, and just accepted her life the way it is.

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