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In the process of teaching writing, the teacher and lecturer must prepare the appropriate assessment, because the function of assessment will be useful for both teacher and student, such as to know the achievement of learning objective. Generally, in the research side, giving the assessment is to know the effectiveness of  the particular methods or strategy towards students’ ability. Therefore , in this paper will show some treatment which is applied to detect how far the students’ ability especially in writing skill.

Talking about writing assessment, there are some types of writing performance which can be applied in learning process. Consider the following list of writing performance (adapted from Brown 2003) :

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a.       Imitative          : producing written language, the learners must obtain the skills in the fundamental, basic tasks of writing letters, words, punctuation, and very brief sentences.

b.      Intensive         : beyond the fundamentals of imitative writing are skills in producing appropriate vocabulary within a context, collocation, and idioms, and correct grammatical features up to the length sentence.

c.       Responsive      : assessment task require learners to perform at a limited discourse level, connecting sentences into a paragraph and creating logically connected sequence of two or three paragraphs.

d.      Extensive        : writers focus on getting a purpose, organizing and developing ideas logically, using details to support or define the ideas, demonstrating syntactic and lexical variety, and in many cases, engaging in the process of multiple drafts to achieve a final product.

After giving the assessment, usually, the result of the instrument will be scored. There are some ways to give a score towards the writing product. In some research, generally, the researchers use some scoring rubric to help them measure the writing. Generally, they use the rubric scoring of extensive and responsive writing, because most of the research about writing skill applying those types of writing performance.

In one book that described by Brown (2003 : 242) there are some types of scoring in writing, such as holistic scoring, primary trait scoring, and analytic scoring. Holistic scoring usually used to measure the overall writing. Then, the primary trait is applied to score that just focus of one aspect. Lastly, the analytic scoring is used to score some criteria in writing. It is more detail than the other types. There are some criteria which is included in analytic scoring such as content, organization, grammar, etc.

In this paper will try to explain some article related to writing skill, wherein the analysis of article will show how to score or measure the writing itself.

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