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In conclusion, we
can see that both are benefits, and risk attached to if children are not
exposed to risk.  This can protect
children away from risk and dangerous and avoid them get close to social
problem, stop them to get contact with the danger in outside. Conversely,
however over protect children aren’t the most safety method to children, they
should early exposure to outside environment and attached to risk example like
risky sport, camping and others outdoor activities, it is important that the
parents taught children the socials problem and let them early exposure knowing
drugs, alcohol and the reality to make sure them know how to judge situations
and protect themselves. Lastly it essential to let children balancing, parents
should give children real childhoods.

But, the
important and advantages to let children exposed to risk is to let children
experience and getting along with the society well and let them know what to do
and what you cannot do or involve, let the children know the dangerous of the society
and make them dare to expose the outside. However, their thinking ability will
be more mature then the others same age children they be more responsible on
their own and knows how to take care others. Confident are also build when
children exposed to risk, during the risk children know the solution of solving
problem, this enhance their independents and confident.

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In most of the
family think the children can’t let them more freedom to play outside, the
reasons of this is because now days society aren’t safe enough to let a young
child stay too long at outside, they are cases like kidnapping and serious
social problem example drugs abused, emotionally bullied, bully cases and
others, the parents will not have allowed their children to get these much of
hurt to affect their entire life, personality and narrow thinking. Therefore, rather
to let the children to accept risk or exposed any kind of risk, they rather
protect their children safely from avoiding these things happened on their

Risk is the important
component in childhood, they must experience fear and try new things to test
their limitation and explore different from this world and society, this make
them braver to face difficulties and with a sharper mind to bear any situation.
By the way closed them at home to just only play tablet or any other technology
products aren’t the solution to protect the children away from outside
threaten, therefore this essay will explore about the arguments of this topic.

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