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In my childhood, business was one of the most common topics of
dinnertime conversation. And the entrepreneurial focus of our upbringing had a
lasting impact on my brother and me. But growing up in an entrepreneurial home
benefited me in more ways than merely sparking my passion for business at a
young age — although it certainly did that as well. I gained invaluable
real-world business experience long before many of my peers began their path to
entrepreneurship. Organizing events in school as well as on a national level
and engaging into case studies spurred my entrepreneurial abilities. My
interest in this particular field led me to establish my own startup dealing
with selling kites on internet in my city. The kite industry in India is
unorganized and selling kites via internet is a pretty novel concept providing
great convenience to the consumer.  

I’m pursuing the Corporate Innovation
and entrepreneurship program at Indiana University as I want to become a better
businessman and learn those skills that will benefit my startup and upcoming
ventures. Also, I want to further develop my managerial, entrepreneurial and
presentation skills as I would like to manage professionals and engage in
business on a global level. Specifically, I would like to learn corporate
entrepreneurship, new venture development and management under Professor Dr. Donald
F. Kuratko and also hear him share in depth the various entrepreneurial
strategies as cited in his publications. I also hope to enroll in one of the
classes taught by Professor Patricia P McDougall and hear her share stories
about her strategic management and planning for the Coca-Cola company and the The
Carter Center so as to gain a perspective about Strategic management, planning
and International Business. I also hope to make extensive use of the Johnson
centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation to gain a real world entrepreneurial

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My background gives
me the capacity for Fearless thinking that is needed to meet the challenges in
the field of Business. Kelley School of Business at IUB would provide me the
foundation and help me become the kind of dynamic leader who can bring the
vision for my own company to life and be at the forefront in any industry that
I wish to desire.

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