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In conclusion,  when considering the effectiveness of MBSR for the clinical population as a whole, the benefits can be many and are all proven with solid evidence. For instance, for healthcare professionals, there is a significant reduction in perceived stress and increase in self-compassion, and additionally, unlike the negative consequences of stress, these healthcare professionals demonstrated great satisfaction with life, decreased job burnout and distress. As for the medical and premedical students, the general benefits are the significant reduction of state and trait anxiety,  psychological distress like depression, increase in overall empathy levels and spiritual experiences assessed at termination of intervention. The only thing that needs to be kept in mind from the critical study conducted  by Johnson and his colleagues is that benefits of will not be shown if the participants didn’t participate tully in the program and the required standard time, 8-week program with 50-70 hours per week, is not fully put into the schedule, and his evidence of the negative effects of MBSR leading to increased anxiety of students are only due to the school environment and the insufficient time spent on the program because they wanted to fit it into the school schedule. In terms of the effect of attachment styles on the benefits of MBSR,  the insecure individuals may report the highest levels of perceived stress prior to MBSR programs, but when the post-intervention measure was taken if is suggested that MBSR participation could provide greater stress reduction benefits for only insecurely attached individuals. However, as some of the studies lacked the randomized groups and the sample size, and because the MBSR program could relatively new to some people and that it’s popularity as a stress coping method is still growing nowadays, more future researchers need to addresses these issues as well as the long-term benefits. Therefore, the question to the research in question is that to a great extent mindfulness training, such as MBSR, is an effective coping strategy to stress in medical professionals and students only if the focus is short-term benefits.

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