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this study tell us about Elementary school students have growing vocabularies
and many are learning English as a secondary language or depend on schools to
learn academic English. This article written by Sarah J. Carrier (2013)
Elementary Preservice Teacher’s Science Vocabulary: Knowledege and Application,
Journal of Science Teacher Education, 24:2, 405-425. This article published
online on February 22, 2017. The problem in this study is teachers must have a
clear understanding of science vocabulary in order to communicate and evaluate
these understandings with students. The aims this study to measured preservice
teacher’s vocabulary knowledge during science methods course and documented
their use of science vocabulary during peer teaching. In literature review,
explain that what science vocabulary is. This study support theory of (SES). It
is research indicates that SES has a strong impact on vocabulary knowledge.
Children from low socio economic status (SES) families may have smaller
vocabularies than student from high SES families. English Language Learners
also give effect to his study. Instructional strategies have an impact on
vocabulary knowledge. Then this study used theory Learning Disabilities (LD).
Students with LD can struggle with abilities to read, write, reason, and organize.
This study following description of scientific literacy is identified in the
National Science Education Standards (NRC 1996).

            Some theory and expected signs in
this study are the job of science educators according to Lemke (1990) is to
help students learn how to use the “language of science” for their own purposes
(p.100). Lemke identifies the Language of science as not limited to vocabulary
and grammar but with thematic patterns to develop a system for communicating
meanings. (Hart and Lee 2003; Stodart e al.2002). The increase of English
language learners in school has spawned research about elementary students and
science vocabulary that focuses on ELL students and curriculum. The theory of
QuEST, researchers examined an intervention that incorporated hands-on
activities and teacher scaffolding including the use of visual’s, previews of
activities to assure students’ understanding of goals and procedures, explicit
vocabulary instructions, and paring of ELL. By some theory, the researchers
expected to increase English language learners.

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            The data of this study is mixed
methods included two phases: Qualitative data were captured by reviewing video
recordings of preservice teachers’ lesson taught to peers and through follow-up
interviews. Quantitative pre-/posttest data offered a picture of preservice
teachers’ knowledge of elementary science vocabulary words at the beginning and
end of the semester. The weakness of this study, the researchers acknowledge
the potential of internal validity threats that accompany the effect of
pretesting as well as potential of a teacher effect.

            The researchers can be decided that
the result of this study take from knowledge of elementary science vocabulary
at the end of the course by comparing pretest and posttest data, explores
preservice instructors’ applications of science vocabulary during peer

            An overall conclusion for data
problem the two researchers found that scored the pretest independently and
arrived at interrater reliability of 82% agreement. They discussed acceptable
definitions and the related scores, reconciled any disagreement, and arrived at
100% agreement. The researchers said that this study needed to document
preservice teachers’ exposure to multiple vocabulary instructional strategies
during teacher preparation and includes the impact of teaching to peer
preservice teachers’ vocabulary use.

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