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In this lab experiment, the resistance running over a series circuit, the voltage on every resistor, the current coursing through the circuit and their uncertainties must be determine using the multimeters and a multimeter uncertainty table. 

In order to research the connection between the voltages of every resistor and the total voltage, the connection between the resistance and the total resistance, and the current on every resistor

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We were capable to determine the current via a series circuit. The measure of the current is the same through any segment in the circuit. This is on the grounds that there is just a single way for electrons to stream in a circuit. As indicated by the table 3, Iab= 16.80 +or-0.09mA., Ibc= 16.80 +or-0.09mA., Icps= 16.81 +or-0.09mA., and Ipsa= 16.79 +or-0.09mA, therefore the experimental current data are in agreement because they overlaps each other. 

 for the combined voltage and the voltages over every resistor It is an alternate case. From the table 2, the voltage over every resistor in a series circuit differ upon the resistant of the resistor. Nonetheless, the total of these voltage drops ought to be around 10.02 volts which is the same as the voltage of the power supply. This idea can be shown numerically where, Vsupply = Va + Vb +Vc +… According to the formula, the voltage of the power supply and the calculated value of total voltage are in agreement. 

The total resistance of the circuit is 596 +or-7 Ohms. This number was obtained simply by adding them up (Ra+Rb+Rc = Rtotal) because the total resistance of any series circuit is equal to the sum of the individual resistances. This number is then contrasted with the experimental data found by using a multimeter as an Ohmmeter. The experimental data of the total resistance of the circuit was 592+or-7 making a percent (%) error of 0.67. These two values are then compared to the Resistance found by the Ohm’s law which is 596 +or- 6 Ohms. Looking at the 3 results; 596 +or- 7 , 592 +or-7 and 596 +or-6, we can conclude that the values are overlaps each other.Therefore, the three values of total resistance are all in agreement. 

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