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In conclusion, Social media has become a very
important feature for people, businesses and society. On the other hand, the research
conducted has answered the research question that social media has changed the
way products and services are purchased. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs linked
with social media as “sense of belonging” “self-esteem” and “love” these
different types of factors influences the customer. Research findings in this
study have implied that social media is not the only factor that affects
customer behaviour external, social and personal factors all affects customer
behaviour. Throughout the study, it showed that social media does have a positive
and negative approach to customer behaviour. Social media will most likely continue
to be a powerful tool and source of communication for customers which has
changed the way customers and society connect with each other within the future
and for future generations.



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Limitation & Suggestions for further research: In the final part of this dissertation we need to
consider that the information collected for this study may have limitations
this will go onto to discuss whether any further research could have been conducted
to gain better results. Regarding the research methodology secondary research
was conducted throughout although there are some limitations with secondary
data collection which could give inaccurate results. For example, secondary data
collection would most likely be outdated and not updated on a regular basis in
order to get accurate results new information needs to be updated for it to
stay relevant. Another limitation is the lack of information about the topic of
‘customer behaviour’ the information was quite brief and repetitive although
some information was still collected for this study. The final limitation is
that secondary research does not enable people to give their opinions and thoughts
compared to primary research. Primary research enables a new collection of
research with the use of qualitative techniques such as questionnaires, surveys
and focus groups. For this study, primary research may have given better
results as the information collected is new and enables participants to give
their opinions which would have been a very useful technique for this research
topic regarding customer behaviour and the influence of social media. 

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