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In Brave New World is a tragic world, a parody novel written in 1931 by English writer  Aldous Huxley, and distributed in 1932. A future tragic where people are hereditarily cloned and pharmaceutically anesthetized to a latently serve a decision rank framework. Aldous Huxley has intriguing parallels correlation with our present century. He has applicable anticipating notices in his novel that is distributed in 1932 and cautions what’s to come.One of the interesting topics in this novel is science and drug use in the brave new world, their science are highly advanced than our today’s  . In the novel’s society cloning is a normal part of life in the future cloning is legal and science has become far beyond advanance and I see some similarities between the brave new world science and today’s science and of course drug use. Human cloning in the United States is illegal but we did successfully cloned a sleep that only survived six and a half years. In Huxley’s “one egg, one embryo, one adult-normality. But a bokanovskified egg will bud, will proliferate, will divide.”(6). Obviously, nothing else addresses the absence of character in Brave New World more than this, the Bokanovsky procedure. On the off chance that people have indistinguishable qualities and are brought up in a similar domain, at that point there’s not so much anything to recognize one from another. “From eight to sixty-nine bids, and every bid will grow into a perfectly formed embryo.” To eight embryo will turn into sixty-nine and every embryo will fully grow into a full sized adult. This is called the Bokanovskified Progress. We have also improved our technology and science to make the impossible to possible. Magnuson, C. (2002). Debating in congress beat the cloning In the House of Representatives passed a bill of banning all human cloning. As regenerative innovation advances, officials have ended up in a race against the clone. Since the House of Representatives passed a bill restricting all human cloning July 2001, Advanced Cell Technology, a Massachusetts organization, has guaranteed to have cloned a human fetus, and Kentucky-based fruitfulness authority Panayiotis Zavos has told a Boston daily paper he is prepared to start endeavors to clone a human at an undisclosed area. Until the point when Congress chooses how to control cloning innovation, what laws apply to cloning and who is to implement them stay misty. “The Nile is the largest river in Africa and the second in length of all the river of the globe…” (25). Teaching childrens while they are asleep and lesson while sleeping. Even Science has its points of confinement. It is fascinating that science is a completely levelheaded subject can be utilized to teach nonsensical slants. In new world people are taught by hypnopaedic slogans and they thought it could be an instrument of intellectual education. Lazar, Patrick Rares. “CONSIDERATIONS REGARDING THE LEGAL STATUS OF EMBRYO AND FETUS FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE RIGHT TO LIFE.” The subject of the privilege to life is the human individual, yet it stays to consider whether the beginning times of human presence, separately the hatchling and human developing life are additionally incorporated into this classification. Logical investigations have presumed that the developing life contains all the human parts, conclusion that fortified the customary position of the Catholic Church, in the feeling of identicalness amongst premature birth and child murder, independently in the event that it was about the decimation of the baby or just of the fetus. Doctrinal verbal confrontations still keep in regards to the identity of the hatchling, one of the perspectives calling attention to that on the off chance that we conceded that the baby was a man isolate from its mom, the issue of the diminished consistency of its identity would be raised. As far as history, the status of the hatchling, in Roman law, was that of a substance that had a place with nature, and not likewise to common law, being viewed as a piece of the mother’s viscera standards viscerum matris or part of the lady , and not a self-sufficient legitimate element.     In Brave New World, “half an hour later they were back in his rooms. Bernard swallowed four tablets of soma at a gulp, turned on the radio and television and began to undress” (92). We just observe Bernard take soma when he needs to fit in with whatever is left of society. He needs to cloud his psyche to imagine he resembles every other person. As it were, this is the start of the end for the outstanding, insubordinate Bernard we as a whole know and love in the primary portion of the novel. It’s similar like today’s day, people would take drugs to take something off the “edge” or something is stressing them out. In Aldous Huxley, ” drying her eyes, lenina walked across the roof to the lift… she pulled out her soma bottle. One gramme, she decided, would not be enough… she took two gramme, she ran the risk of not waking up in time to – morrow morning” (171).

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