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            In todays era, alcohol has become enjoyable
part of human’s life. The consumption of alcohol has its own pros and cons but,
the over consumption of alcohol leads to more hospitalization nowadays than any
other disease. In the essay I am going to show the valuable information on
people hospitalization in Canada due to the consumption of alcohol. In the
upcoming paragraph I am going to show the characteristics
of Valuable information
that is important to people to meet an objective by understanding the valuable information.


            Alcohol leads to more
hospitalization in Canada compare to the heart attack it can be said by the complete and accessible information
provided in recent year that about 77000 Canadians hospitalized due to alcohol
compared with 75000 hospitalized due to heart attacks and average 212 people
hospitalized daily in recent year. The accurate
information is provided that male above age 20 has higher drinking habit compared
to female which is opposite in girls aged 10 to 19 that is 65/100000 and 45/100000
respectively. Here is the information which can be verified, that people of territories are more hospitalized compared
to province which can proved by people in west Canada are more hospitalized compared
to east other than Nova Scotia. The fact also seen in recent year, the people with
lower income drink less but number of hospitalize is more compared to people with
higher income. The Canada has different alcohol polices according to different territories
and province and there is large variation in number of government stores and
retail stores. Pricing policies of alcohol are most economical and reliable for reducing consumption of alcohol and
harm. Government decide the price of alcohol on the basis of its content, so the
higher content of alcohol product couldn’t sell at low price for instance, Vodka
compared to beer. The vice president of Research and Analysis of CIHI Kathleen
Morris provided the simple information
that people in different territories and province are more hospitalized due to alcohol
compared to heart attacks do. Tim Stockwell provide the relevant, verifiable, flexible information that alcohol polices
helps to reduced to number hospitalized in Canada verified by policies such as pricing on the basis of alcohol
strength, high minimum rate, limiting number of alcohol outlets. These policies
are really helpful to government to decrease number of hospitalized in Canada
and its good for countries overall development.

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