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In the ancient past, the core of the earth was spacious ruled by the god Ranomandry Ia ruler of Ice and snow. At the core lay a great city known as Sted with 100-foot high steel walls to protect it on the surface lived Calida Goraco the lord of fire who ruled a barren land full of marauders that constantly attacked the population. Being of the opposite elements Ia and Goraco were in constant strife over their domains. Graco was constantly attempting to con Ia out of his domain, whilst Ia sent parties to the surface to protect those on the surface. These squabbles quickly escalated into a war between the gods Graco’s legions poured into the interior of the earth quickly laying siege to the city of Sted.  In the city the condition was dire, millions of homes were destroyed in the first attacks and conscriptions were common. For the city of Sted was not prepared for a war this soon quickly mercenaries were hired to maintain the great wall from attacks. Among those conscripted was Zuru Vir a man who lived on the outskirts of Sted as a mercenary serving to fight local wildlife and protecting the people. Zuru was renowned for his prowess in battle and his heroism, never asking for great compensation relying on those who could pay well to cover those who could not pay at all. Despite Ia’s desperate situation, the legions of Goraco could not Peirce the city’s walls. For the wall was so comprehensive that without aid from the top scaling the wall was impossible. Thus Goraco dispensed Mangton to infiltrate the city and provide support from the top of the walls. Mangton was an infamous marauder who pillaged the countryside in search of valuables and to crush any opposition. Mangton once inside the city was conscripted into the army and began to sabotage the defense. Mangton was appointed to the same unit as Zuru monitoring the great wall to prevent any attempts to scale the wall.  Mangton started by allowing a few to scale the walls in the night killing some in the city whilst Zuru’s unit was barraged for allowing the enemies to scale the wall. These attacks did not stop conscription as was hoped, instead the populous began to join the army in ever greater numbers to protect the other citizens who could not from the attacks. Soon this was not enough for Mangton fed up with the lack of progress made by the attacks. So Mangton began to erode parts of the great steel walls to ready the city for a direct attack. The process began by hiring some citizens unhappy with Ia’s rule to begin attacking the walls with shovels and pickaxes which slowly began to destroy the walls from the inside. During this Zuru began to investigate the strange attacks. No enemy soldier could scale the walls without help. Zuru quickly discovered a common similarity, the presence of Mangton. Zuru deduced that Mangton was helping enemies over the walls to attack the city. Zuru delivered the news to Ia, who was strangely calm about the entire situation.    “Ia I have discovered the method the enemies have been using to climb the walls,” stated Zulu, “Mangton has been helping them over the walls”    “Yes I know”    “What,” exclaimed Zulu, “Why have you not tried him if you knew he was an enemy?”    “Don’t worry, I have a plan”    “Well, what is it?”    “We’ll let our enemies take the city,” Ia stated, “Then we will escape to the surface and seal all of the passages back to the underground.”    “Oh, so we will trap them underground and live on the surface”    “Precisely.”    So the plan was enacted, the walls fell and all of the inhabitants of Sted fled to the surface. Once all of Goraco’s forces entered the earth Ia sealed the passages with ice and snow. As a result of Goraco constantly attacks the walls of his prison and some of his army’s do escape in a phenomenon known as volcanic eruptions. But Ia quickly freezes those who enter the surface and seals their entrance. Which is where volcanic rock comes from.

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