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In lesson 3,
I learned about the importance to perform quality assurance in project quality
management. One of the challenging things that project manager face is, there
are lots stakeholders who judge the quality of the deliverable. So it is
important to know about the project quality related concepts and policies.
Successful organization go through a thoughtful and meaningful process to
identify and approve their quality management system. A project quality can be
a service or product that has the ability to perform satisfactorily and
suitable to meet the intended specification. The deliverable should fit for the
purpose otherwise the project can be failed to meet its quality objective. Quality
assurance is a testing activity to confirm that an organization is providing
the best possible product or service to customers. 

Perform quality
assurance is an execution process to measure, audit and analyze the system in
order to create confidence that quality products will be produced. It is a
prevention-driven continuous improvement process that uses all the elements
defined in the planning process to meet needs, expectations and other requirements.
Quality control is monitoring and controlling process which makes sure what
you have done replicates what you have anticipated. The difference is
that quality assurance is process oriented and quality control is
product oriented. Quality assurance occurs periodically throughout the
project, in contrast to quality control, which happens frequently throughout
the project.

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assurance is done not only to the products and services delivered by the
project but moreover to the process and methods used to manage the project,
that includes the way the project uses the tools, strategies, and techniques to
manage scope, schedule, budget and quality. Quality assurance also contains the
project meets any legal or governing standards. Quality control measurements
are used as one of the inputs for quality assurance which helps to evaluate the
effectiveness of the process. Quality audits are structured reviews performed with
expertise in specific areas to find the lesson learned that can improve the performance
of present or future project activities. If problems are detected during the
quality audits, corrective action will be necessary and must be approved
through the change control processes. Mr.Bilwin Reji asked doubt about the requirement
of testing of software’s and sir replied that its part of quality assurance. I wasn’t
clear about the difference of quality control and quality assurance and sir explained
it through a quality control testing example and made his point clear about
quality assurance.

Quality assurance
focuses on improving stakeholder’s satisfaction through continuous and
incremental improvements to processes, including removing unnecessary
activities; Quality assurance act as the heart and soul of the quality


Key Learnings from the


The knowledge I learned from these will be helpful to understand
the key concepts associated with quality assurance and it is something that must be
planned for from the earliest stages of a project, with appropriate measures
taken at every stage.

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