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In the article “The Good Writer: Virtue Ethics and the Teaching of Writing,” John Duffy argues that there is a co-relationship between the teaching of writing and the term “virtue ethics” (Duffy, 2017, p.

229) from moral philosophy. He borrows different philosophies’ thoughts and concepts, such as Aristotle’s “Nicomachean Ethics” (p. 230) to bring out the concept of ethics for the writing course. He addresses three directions to begin the research, first, to differentiate between virtue and virtue ethics. Virtue is a person with excellent morality, and can develop through instruction, practice, and habit; and virtue ethics is to develop one’s mind to think ethically, rather than having responsibilities and consequences to limit the thought.

Then, he defines the vice of virtue. Christian doctrine, right-wing ideologist and has involved in the oppression of women. John addresses that Christian is not the only one with virtue ethics, the tradition of virtue can be found in Greek and other culture in the past as well. The other person, Tessman, suggests that the development of the virtue ethics can encourage people’s mind when facing oppression, struggle and anger. He also indicates that one’s virtue is not innately, it can be learned through the lifetime.

Finally, Duffy proposes practical, theoretical, and cultural to analysis the concept of virtue into the writing classroom. He argues that rhetorical virtues have already taught during the teaching of argument. Students should practice more to create the relationship between readers and writers, which included supportive evidence and rational arguments to persuade the readers. Theoretically, the good writers are to connect readers with logical contents and enable to maintain the quality of each writing. Culturally, the use of rhetorical virtues is a new language to connect strangers in the society, this key can narrow the gap of mistrust between humans. In the conclusion, the author admits that the process of teaching of rhetorical writing can develop students’ virtue during the writing class. He lastly also reconsiders the question of what shape a good writer in the twenty-first century.


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