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In Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and Blade Runner by Ridley Scott, both display a decline in human
society through their reality being corrupt, poor and overcrowded.  In Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One, the world of 2045 is not a very good place. The
ecosystem is destroyed and most everyone lives in stacked up mobile homes. It
is filled with poverty, unemployment and over crowdedness as it is described by
Wade, the main protagonist in Ready
Player One, that most cities are “overflowing with uprooted rednecks like
my parents, who-desperate for work, food, electricity, and reliable OASIS access-had
fled to their dying small towns” (Cline 21), and there is still a lot of
violence in his world, as “gunfire wasn’t uncommon in the stacks” (Cline 13). Wade
also mentions that very little light could reach the bottom level, it is like
“weaving your way through the dark maze” (Cline 23). In Ridley’s Scott Blade Runner, the city of Los Angeles in
the year 2019 has become a dark, decaying metropolis. The overuse of technology
polluted the city, and it has become rather cramped with many people from all
over the world. In the setting of both Blade
Runner and Ready Player One,
there are some stylistic similarities. As mentioned, both have little to no
light where the story first takes off and in addition, the buildings are
decomposing, violence and crimes are going up, overcrowding, and the standard
of living has decreased majorly. Thus, a depressed and dark atmosphere is shown
in both of the settings. However, each creator has a notion of decline
signified in their work. In Ready Player One,
it is through the virtual reality of OASIS. Most everyone uses the computer
programmed game to escape the awful reality they have to live in. As of Blade Runner, it is similar to Ready Player one, but overall the
technology ruined and polluted the city. The OASIS and the technology have led
to the notion of decline of mankind in both stories.

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