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               In Alison Gopnik’s article, “Diagnosing the Digital
Revolution: Why It’s So Hard to Tell if It’s Really Changing Us,” in reviewing
Sherry Turkle’s book Alone Together,
was an interesting article. Her obsessions with reading books is interesting to
learn about. The device is a book that she won’t let go of since she was 2
years old. The article talks about how technology has changed throughout the
years, how kids are adapting to have technology everywhere they go and how
technology is not so bad as what everyone says it is.

               Gopnik talks about this idea called, the click of the
ratchet. It’s used in business to science to human culture. Turkle said that
she worries that people might interact with nonhuman simulacra, like robots as
if they were people in (paragraph 8). But children these days communicate
extensively with imaginary friends or creatures. All children become immersed
in unreal pretend worlds, if they don’t have any friends. If the children don’t
get enough attention, adults are so busy these days, their attentional patterns
change. I see so many little children with iPhone’s nowadays and I’m just so
shocked on how they know how to work it so young. I will never give my child a
phone under the age of 10, when they know how to be responsible and trustworthy
of a phone, I will decide then.

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               The internet today is very different than long time
ago. They never had internet. Everyone would have to walk to someone house or
call on a wall phone. When Turkle says, “Texts and e-mails travel no faster
than phone calls and telegrams, and their content isn’t necessarily richer or
poorer”. That is a very true statement. We need to have the children not be so
online these days. We have a big problem of how to communicate with people on
the phone and face to face. The digital age puts a twist on the enduring
contradiction of human communication. 
Understanding the real world is hard. But her device has helped her
understand the real world. In Sherry’s book, she tells us how technology
affects us. We need to do better with our technology and focus on what is more
important in our lives. We don’t know how long we have and if technology takes
over the world, we may never know a real person without someone needing
technology, which is sad. The future will be very different with all these
different types of technology taking over our world. 

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