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In 2013 alone 24 million children ended up in emergency rooms across the world, with sports-related injuries. That’s about 2 children every minute. Even though sports-related fatalities are rare, the leading sports-related fatal injury is to the head. There have been over 300 fatalities among young athletes with sport-related injuries through the years of 2008-2015.Guess the sport, About 215,000 students ages 5 to 14 are treated in emergency rooms with injuries related to its sport. Yes, football. Football is the leading sport with injuries relating to it. It’s not a big surprise, yes they wear padding and a helmet but that doesn’t help if their the kicker and their leg hyperextend or if they land on their knee and it hyperextends?  What happens to their foot if it gets stepped on and they get spiked? Those are only a few of the injuries related to football. The highest fatality rate sport for children ages 5 to 14 is softball and baseball. Every year about 3 to 4 children die due to head forced trama.  The younger the age of the kids that are playing, the more frequent injuries happen.  Injuries more frequently happen during practice.  A relatively higher frequency of injuries happens “before and after” Baseball play, such as warm-ups and postgame horseplay.  Injuries causing death, 38 cases (43%) were a direct-ball impact to the chest.  21 cases (24%) the injuries causing death were a direct-ball injury to the head. 13 cases (15%)of injuries were when the child came in contact with the bat, 9 cases (10%) were from the direct impact of the ball to neck, ears, or throat. 7 cases (8%) of the injuries causing death was unknown.Sledding and toboggan are a few of the safer sports in the world.  Only around 16,000 children ages 5 to 14 end up in hospitals around the world.  Even though its one of the safer sports people can still get seriously injured or even killed. Well in this case that exactly what happened, son Ian Miller of Ron and Holly Miller had a traumatic experience while he was on a boy scout sledding trip when his plastic sled sent him sliding back into a metal ski pole, causing massive head trauma. Just because its a safer sport doesn’t mean you don’t have to wear a helmet.Yes sports are dangerous, and yes your children could get injured but from experience of being on a sports team, it’s awesome.  Being around people that love the same thing as you that the best part. If your worried about them getting injured then just make sure they have the correct protection for that sport. Sports are something that is meant to be shared among people. Sports are dangerous, but there’s a way to prevent that.

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