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In addition to the word list, I
noticed that most of the origins of the English words either came or borrowed
from Latin or French. The vocabulary of English dialect has a scope of impacts.
We have retained words from Latin, Greek, Dutch, Arabic, Old Norse, Spanish,
Italian, Hindi, and increasingly that makes the English dialect what it is
today. Where this backpedals to the historical backdrop of the English dialect
where England was once managed by the French and their way of life was
constrained into English individuals. The occasion began in 1066, when the Duke
of Normandy named William cruised to the British channel. Where he at that
point tested the King of England, Harold into a fight for the reign in England.
Therefore, William won the skirmish of Hastings and was delegated the King of
England, in this manner the foundation of Norman Kingdom.

As the Norman-French turned into
the dialect of the English court, French was just talked by the Normans until
intermarriage, where English men now figured out how to communicate in French.
Amid the Middle English time frame, a portion of the French words were
assimilating into the English dialect and around 75% of them are as yet being
utilized. At the point when the Norman Conquest finished, it was the dialect
that happened a considerable measure of progress, known as the Anglo-Norman. As
William the champion turned into the new King, it turned into the dialect of
the high society, especially in court, the organization and in culture. With
his rule, English was decreased to normal and minor uses while Anglo-Norman was
instated as the dialect of the decision classes up until around three centuries
later. Shippers and lower classes have additionally obtained taking in the French
dialect through their voyages and through their relationship to the high
society men.

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The Middle English time frame at
that point started its set apart through these occasions, which influenced the
English dialect especially its utilization in the present period. Latin
impacted the English vocabulary before the Norman Conquest, yet now around 33%
of the Latin vocabularies have entered the English dialect. Likewise, the Old
English had now lost the vast majority of its enunciations. The impacts of the
Normans can likewise be found in sustenance names. Normally the meat of the
dairy animals called hamburger, which was eaten by the privileged people. Other
than sustenance, numerous lawful terms are likewise French in roots since
Normans ran the courts.

Additionally, the elocution has
changed, the French impact recognized the voiced partners of the fricative
sounds and contributed diphthong. While as far as linguistic use, English
dialect was additionally impacted by the marvel of word arrange. The Old English
had an Adj + N arrange, a few articulations like secretary general, changed
into the French word arrange, that is, N + Adj.

A biggest number of words were
obtained by the administration, profound and religious administrations since
French-speaking Normans took control over the congregation and the court of
London. A portion of the French words that are currently considered piece of
the English vocabulary incorporate – state, royal (roial), exile (exil),
justice, army (armee), navy (navie), enemy (enemi) that’s only the tip of the
iceberg. While French words also borrowed in English art, culture, and fashion
as music, poet (poete), prose, romance, nice, etc. Many of the given
example words are different from modern French in terms of use, pronunciation
or spelling.

With these historical events, the
origins of most of the English words are now explained. Language is also a tool
that can be used to create and destroy, that with just a few words, one can
help or break someone’s life.

On the other hand, in choosing
these 10 words I randomly chose and trusted my instinct that these are the
words I often hear and see these days. In the 10 words list, the academic words
collected are creative, function, generation, impact, and schedule. All the words listed are
considered as nouns aside from the word creative
which is considered as an adjective. The origin of the word creative is from the Latin word, creativus which means to create
something original. An example sentence would be, ‘Filipinos are innately creative’. The next word is function, which came from the mid 16th
century from the French word fonction,
from the Latin word function(n-),
from fungi which means ‘perform’. The word function is defined as an activity that is natural to or the
purpose of a person or thing. A sample sentence would be, ‘Every people perform a certain function in the society’. Next, the
word generation came from the Middle
English via Old French from the Latin word generation(n-),
from the verb generare. The word generation means all of the people born
and living at about the same time, regarded collectively. A sample sentence
would be, ‘This generation seems like
every people feel like existence is a pain.’. The next word is impact which means a marked effect or
influence. This word came from the early 17th century (as a verb in the sense
‘press closely, fix firmly’): and from the Latin word impact- ‘driven in’, from the verb impingere. An example sentence would be, ‘A speaker should be able to give an impact to the audience.’. Lastly,
the word schedule which is defined as
a plan for carrying out a process or procedure,
giving lists of intended events and times. The word schedule came from the late Middle English (in the sense
‘scroll, explanatory note, appendix’): from Old French word cedule, from Late Latin schedula ‘slip of paper’, diminutive of scheda, from Greek skhed? ‘papyrus leaf’. A sample sentence would be, ‘I had a hectic schedule last week.’.

For the common words, I chose busy, effort, message, pressure and stress. All words are also stated nouns in the Oxford English
dictionary aside from the word busy which is considered as an adjective. The
first word busy means having a great deal to do, this came from the Old
English word bisgian (verb), bisig (noun), which is related to Dutch
word bezig, of an unknown origin. An
example sentence would be, ‘It’s hard to
keep up with your friends when you’re really busy.’. The next word effort is from the late 15th century,
from French, from the Old French word esforcier,
which is based on the Latin word ex-
‘out’ + fortis which means ‘strong’.
The word effort is defined as a vigorous or
determined attempt. A sample sentence would be, ‘It takes a lot of
effort to get a woman’s trust.’. The next is
the word message, which means a verbal, written, or recorded communication sent to or
left for a recipient who cannot be contacted directly. This came from the Middle
English: from Old French, and was based on the Latin word missus, a past participle of the word mittere which means ‘send’.
A sample sentence would be, ‘I hope he
will reply as soon as possible to the message I sent him.’. The word pressure is defined as a sense of stressful urgency caused by having too many
demands on one’s time or resources. It came from the Late Middle
English: from Old French, from the Latin word pressura, and from the word press- ‘pressed’, from the verb premere. An example sentence would be, ‘Whenever the exam week is coming, I feel
the pressure of too much work.’. Lastly, the word stress came from the Middle English which denotes the hardship or
force exerted on a person for the purpose of compulsion, it is also the
shortening of distress, or partly
from the Old French word estresse
which means ‘narrowness, oppression’, it is also based on the Latin word strictus which means ‘drawn tight’. A
sample sentence would be, ‘Whenever I
feel so stressed out because of schoolwork, I always eat ice cream so I can
chill for a while.’.

Language is our essential
wellspring of communication; along these lines is the plan through which we
share our thoughts and considerations with others. In this way, we consider
English language is to be a general dialect, which is the reason why people
understand its complexity. On the Internet, the greater part of sites are
composed and made in English. Indeed, even other ethnicities with different
dialects frequently give you the alternative to decipher the site. Also,
English is the essential dialect of the press: most newspapers and textbooks
are written in English other than their own dialect, and regardless of where on
the planet you will be, you will discover some of these books and daily papers
accessible. With this, in light of the fact that it is needed in universal communication;
you will discover more information in regards to almost every subject in the
event that you can talk with this dialect.

We as a whole realize that communication
is definitely a part of any field, paying little heed to whether it is business,
pharmaceutical, transportation, development, trade or advertising. Especially,
without legitimate correspondence it isn’t conceivable to be in association. A
person who is brilliant in talked and composed English get a greater number of
chances than the other individuals. This is one of the reasons why we should
learn English in our daily life, because English is also critical to land in a
position you aiming for. But what’s greater than this is how we understand and
how we can easily communicate with others while traveling the world.

As individuals know the
significance of the English dialect, this is the primary motivation behind why
it is educated as an essential language in each state. Talking globally, it
would be truly hard to thrive in this world without knowing English. With
respects to globalization, the important lingo that rings a ringer is of
English. To make a universe of ethically careful, fair-minded and tolerant, the
English dialect expects a key part. It is additionally imperative to keep up
peace and agreement among individuals. On the off chance that you raise an
issue, just through serene talks and meetings, they can be examined and tackled
issues. English is best to make this less demanding in light of the fact that
it is the most widely used language of the world.

On the other note, it is
additionally vital to know and concentrate on the English language for culture
Norms. It is principally in light of the fact that language greatly affects the
division of the distinctive conventions and societies of various people groups.
You take in more about the conventions, societies and traditions of various
people groups far and wide through travel and learning. For this compelling
correspondence is a need. The English dialect engages people groups from around
the globe. The Internet likewise assumes a critical part in advancing English
as the standard language. Through the pages of different interpersonal
organizations individuals interface with each other from anyplace on the
planet, generally through English.

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