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In today’s world the bed is most relax able and comfortable
amenity in a room, because the tourist like business person are very tired ,
they like to have a room which gives them a good feel when they enter the room.
bed is the most comfortable and luxurious thing a family and a tourist seeks in
a hotel room the more you give comfort to your guest the more they will come
again and also will help to attract the new customers. Comfortable bedding has
become the iconic symbol and focal point of the hotel’s hospitality,
immediately communicating something about the hotel brand identity and what the
customer can expect about the standards of the establishment. It tells guests
that the hotel has gone to great lengths to ensure that their stay is

Largest element in all guestrooms, it is the natural focal
point , so good design and professional bed making often begins where the
guest’s day ends , the bed. The interior designers specializing in hospitality
predict that this current trends of bed making will continue to hold strong while
other new and exciting elements will gain traction.

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One way you know you’ve done it right is when guest want to
purchase the same sheet that they’ve slept in. we should give him the wonderful
experience that they want a duplicate sheet at their home. Hotels are now
thinking that bed and the presentation of the bed presented before the guest is
the most luxurious thing or amenity in the guest room. 

White is still the go to colour for many hotel bed linens.
However many properties are using more color when adding accents to the bed
with throws or pillows.

Texture and

Some designers and manufacturers will replace color on the
bed with texture. The trend has moved towards using different textures and
combining different scales as a pattern. It’s chic and it’s practical.
Designers will take advantage of the advancements in durability that make more
textures practical.

It is also suggested that while bedding will stay white
across all segments, more jacquards(intricate patterns in fabric), including
the hotel’s logo or even custom, brand-specific designs. Will be incorporated
for texture and suitable pattern, especially in top sheets, shams and duvet
covers. So the white bedding is here to stay, but it will have texture or

White is
still on top

While guests and hotel operators will continue to favor
white sheets for their understones of luxury and cleanliness, color will
continue to find its way to the bed in the form of accessories, stitching and
herms. Essentially, things will stay neutral with bold pops of color.

Down the road, influences from some of the luxury middle
east hotels may find their way stateside. there, designers are installing
audacious accent palettes of bright reds and greens that verge in to neon

they are committed to utilizing quality fabrics and offer outstanding customers
service for retail, interior design, and hospitality industries. They are able
to accommodate customization orders and have a wide variety of fabric designs,
Color and textures.

For the beds themselves, box springs are increasingly being
replaced by platforms or upolsterred foundation a move that eliminates the need
for a bedskirt.

Bold color

We don’t have to choose oversized prints or patterns when
you want to make a statement in a room. Color blocking, or using large blocks
of coordinating colors, will let you explore great design without straying from
a modern look. Color blocking keeps your bed looking fresh while offering
endless design choices, and color blocked bedding lets you effortlessly create
a designer look.


This is the most used by the hotels, embroidered can look
luxurious on a duvet cover. Look for solid colored bedding with one accent
color for a breezy bedding option that is easy to style. Nothing is more
classic than a white duvet cover with a thick embroidered line along the edges.
Used in resorts and hotels around the world, this style of bedding is always
bring to mind a simple yet finished look. To add styles to your bedding, mix
embroidered duvets and pillow shams with patterned throw pillows.

Trying a new color combinations is a quick way to get out of
a style rut. Hotel designers are well versed on the art of a pleasing color
palette, and well new bedding styles features original color combinations.
Comforter sets look unique without being overbearing, from rustic orange and
grey to earthy lime grey and brown, hotel bedding will inspire to try something
new in your bedrooms.


Just like fashion, bedding trends come and go. Stay in style
by recreating the bedding looks you see in fashionable hotels. Channel the
serenity of a vacation spa or the energy of a vibrant city in the bedrooms with
the sheets , blankets and pillows. Luxurious hotels bedding is sleek and
sophisticated, with pops of bold color and traditional clean lines. To stay on
the top of the latest looks, keep reading.

All white
as a 2017 bedding trend

The range of options for bedding can seem, but when selecting materials for
the sheets, it can actually be easier then choosing linens for one’s home. The
top picks tend to be cotton, a polyester cotton blend or Tencel, a brand name
for the lyocell fiber that is remaked from wood cellulose. Tencel can be
blended with cotton or polyester for making of bedding.There’s something so inviting about a white room, whether
that’s because of comparisons to crisp, hotel linens or thanks to subconscious
associations with cleanliness is up for debate. Either way, one’s things for
sure. This neutral hue is not going to be stop.Sometimes, white bedding is just one element of an all white
design. If that look is your goal, the key to success is remembering that not
all whites are created equal. Mix in a variety of patterns, textures, materials
and shades to help keep the space visually interesting. While the throw
pillow has largely disappeared from the midscale segment, designers are
predicting at least one will be tossed back onto the bed, for both comfort and
color. As for the ubiquitous bed scarf? It remains the most popular accessory
in midscale hotels (though they are more commonly sewn onto the top sheet these
days to prevent loss and to make life generally easier for housekeeping).

Some higher properties however, they are sending scarves packing. Instead, the
look is getting an update with textural throws and blankets on the bed. “They
can provide both color and pattern as well as function … softness and warmth
and more luxury than a bed scarf,” said Mullenex. “We’re seeing them in fuzzy,
warm fabrics that the  people would
liketo really want to curl up in.”

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