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the midst of press freedom being under fire, the UST Alumni Association decided
to award Esther
Margaux “Mocha” Justiniano Uson who has long been known as a
purveyor of fake news, promoter of lies, sharer of false information, and
killer of truth. How utterly
disappointing, downright disgusting, and deeply frustrating.

to UST Alumni Association President Henry Tenedero, Mocha Uson was given the
award to serve as an inspiration to other government workers. Apparently, I
could not even enumerate the so-called exemplary services that she has done for
the Philippines, I am clueless about her “contributions”. In fact, I find it
difficult to fathom a woman who seems to be a symbolism of the administration’s
unapologetic incompetence. What confuses me more is that how is a straight-up lying political blogger that has been associated
to fake news and plagiarized statements be worthy of the Thomasian Outstanding
Leadership Award?

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University of Santo Tomas boasts a long line of notable persons which includes
some national heroes, former presidents, government officials, journalists – and then there’s Mocha. The past
honorees are probably scratching their heads as to why they now happen to
appear as if they’re on the same level as Mocha. Most likely, they are more
than offended regarding this situation. Most alumni have been expressing their
strong disapproval and dismay to the award that was recently given to Mocha
Uson.  Even though I am not a Thomasian
student, I echo their sentiments. If were a graduate who formerly received the
same award, I’d most likely say that I’ll be disappointed too.

everyone wishes to be enlightened with UST’s core principles and standards because
something appears to be odd and fishy upon bestowing the award to Mocha. It
seems as though our current system is just being engulfed with numerous efforts
to suck up to the government in exchange for power. I think this became a
sticky situation to be in for UST since Mocha is their alumna, an economic game
wherein you use power to either oppress or uplift people.

is nowhere close towards being an inspiration. She is not an example to be
imitated, but rather an example of what not to be. She is an actual living
proof on why we must think first before we speak. Her words have no substance.  She is a government official
who talks about different issues without fully knowing, a
public figure who propagates fake news in her blog. In
her profession, every simple mistake can become a major root of misinformation
that can eventually lead to the widespread of fake news. It is
included in her duty and responsibility to know the basic facts, most
especially whenever she gives statements to the public. Real
journalists take time to double check even the miniscule details before
releasing or broadcasting their reports.

requested the public to move on from the issue of her award from UST after she
returned it back. Afterwards, she enumerated all of the important issues we
should be focusing on. However, her bashers focused more on her mistake when
she mentioned that Mayon Volcano is in Naga. If we would give a closer look
on this issue, we would see that the citizens are not just making her
“simple” mistakes as a national issue but they are able to somehow reveal
the actual issue that needs to be emphasized – her incompetence in doing her job. Personally, I think that she
does not deserve the recognition not because of her ugly past as a sexy star or
whatever she was before she entered politics. She doesn’t
deserve it simply because she is among the public figures who create a damage
in the society. Her statements do not unite the Filipino nation, she is an
undeniable troll who divides the nation through a handful of propaganda and

receiving an award made it to the headlines and even generated controversies. Mocha
returning her award made it to the headlines, again. Maybe this event was
orchestrated only to make it look like that Mocha is only a victim too, that it
is not her fault that the USTAA decided to give the said award to her. Maybe
this event was done in order to turn the tables upside down, to make her seem
like a good person, and to make everything according to their favor. She going
to run in senate so she probably needs achievements beneath her cap. If she really intends on returning the award, she should
have returned it immediately after the awarding, or better yet, she should not
have accepted it before. Unfortunately, she does not even try
to show effort and portray a political personality to win the approval of her
fellow citizens. Uson needs to act respectable and proper
in order to get the respect she is asking for.

I believe
that it is best for Mocha to either keep her mouth shut or resign. She brings
her profession into disrepute every time she opens her mouth. She could have
lived a simpler life but here she is, choosing to become a laughingstock as
citizens continue to watch out for her every mistake.
Awards are meant for those who are deserving, it’s only fair that she has
already returned what isn’t supposed to be hers in the first place.

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