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  In today’s world, the majority, if not all humans are involved with the internet or social media someway, somehow. Whether it’s Instagram to post cute selfies or stalk an ex, Snapchat to follow and keep up with other people’s lives, Facebook to stay in contact with family and post accomplishments, or perhaps Twitter to keep communication with others. I am a heavy consumer of technology myself. I don’t have all the social media that is available to the public, but I am still active on the internet. I often check my phone for notifications or glance to see if I received a new text or phone call. It can overwhelm me at times. I am also guilty of not eating my meals until I have taken pictures and uploaded it on my Snapchat or one of my fitness community apps like Fitbit or MyPlate, seeking for the appraisal of others or to simply share new recipes. I am always on Pinterest as well scrolling for new recipes to make, or busy googling why my right ear is itching, just to get a list of terminally ill diseases I might have. I even have a business sales account with OfferUp and Letgo. I am currently a manager at a cell phone shop ,which requires posting phones and items we have in inventory for sale, and keeping up with interested buyers. In total, I am online for at least 13 hours of the day including personal and professional internet use.      The most accurate way to describe my internet usage, is to say I am attached to my phone. Currently, my favorite app is Snapchat. It is simple to use and an easy way to keep communication with friends. I can’t forget to mention that the fun face filters play a role into my liking of this app as well. I definitely think I’m addicted to the online world; if I said otherwise, then I would be lying. Unfortunately, It’s the same for most of my family and friends. Although, I do have an aunt that is reluctant to upgrade from a flip phone. She “sticks to her old-fashioned ways”, as she expressed to me once before, and doesn’t want to complicate her life. “Simplicity”. I wish I had the same mindset and strength to be able to disconnect myself from social media.       Interestingly enough, some people report feeling their phone vibrate when in fact nothing is happening. They call this the “phantom-vibration syndrome”. I experience this often. It makes me more nervous than what I already am, which in result, makes my anxiety worse. I think dedicating too much time on the internet will make you obsessed ,and take away time from enjoying the real world. I am grateful that I at least dedicate time to other activities like working out, or cooking new recipes. I can also be grateful for having an education and spending time on homework and learning, even when I rather binge watch Black Mirror on Netflix. I can only hope the next generation might reduce their internet use and be a bit more productive, but who am I kidding.

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