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In The Great Gatsby, new money and old money plays a big role. It is about those who are new to high wealth or have just recently made lots of money, and those who have had wealth in their families for a long time and were born into it. Both are similar in terms of social class, but they tend to spend their wealth differently, and deal with their money differently, taking different approaches. The new money in this book, like Jay Gatsby, live in West Egg and the old money are the people of East Egg, like Tom and Daisy Buchanan. The differences between these two are not just people who were born into wealth and who have just gotten rich recently, its the way they spend their money, how they act and what their mentality is on life. This actually had huge influence on the way characters were portrayed in The Great Gatsby. Lets now have a look at how the novel implements this idea, incorporating it into the story and Jay Gatsby’s character.First off, Gatsby tries to be quite impressive with his money, being irresponsible, unwise and essentially completely wasting his money rather than keeping it. He drives an expensive  car, lives in a luxurious mansion by himself, and constantly throws parties to impress people. Mainly however, he does this to lure Daisy and win her love. He uses his new money which he of course obtained through crime, in some sort of bootlegging business. In essence, Gatsby is the perfect representation of new money. He is a man who strongly believes in the American Dream, and will do anything in his power to fulfill that dream and win Daisy’s love. Because Gatsby falls under new money, we can analyze some of these things to get an idea on how new money actually influences the way people act personality wise. Gatsby is very lost in the past. This can be seen merely from the fact that he will not give up on Daisy and his past with her. It can also be observed when him and Nick were talking, in which Nick tells him he can’t change the past and Gatsby says “Can’t change the past? Why of course you can!” From this, it can be safe to conclude that because Gatsby has just gotten all of this money, he thinks he can do virtually anything. Little does he know, new money can’t buy love, or the ability to change the past, but he thinks otherwise. That is one key aspect that people of new money are depicted with in this novel.  The old money, aren’t as irresponsible as their usually younger, less experienced and more naive counterparts. They know how to handle and deal with their wealth. When it comes down to it however, Daisy and Tom Buchanan are quite careless, insensitive and thoughtless people. Tom has been physically abusive towards Myrtle Wilson, striking her in the face. He also leads to the belief that he would of married her if his wife weren’t Catholic. He mislead Tom Wilson once when he implied that Myrtle was Gatsby’s mistress and that Gatsby was the one responsible for Myrtle’s death. That was the reason why Gatsby died; it was Tom’s doing, but Daisy was the one driving the car and stuck Myrtle. Of course, Daisy never admitted to her guilt. She enjoyed flirting with Gatsby, but then when problems had arisen, she essentially hid behind Tom. Somehow Daisy did not even foresee the confrontation that took place between Tom and Gatsby in the hotel room. This couple tends to run away from any problem they face because they have the money to do so and have a very little sense of obligation towards others. Nick said they “smashed up other people’s lives and left the wreckage behind for someone else to clean up.” Daisy and Tom Buchanan are the perfect example of a selfish couple. They’re both never satisfied, cheat on each other and have never known any better. The old money people of East Egg have always been privileged, have never had to work for their wealth and live in complete isolation in their own community of the rich. They are no better than the irresponsible people of West Egg.This connection between the two classes is perhaps the reason why Gatsby failed in his dream. People of new money cannot work well with old money. Tom Buchanan is a racist, which has something to do with his upbringing in an old money family. Daisy is married to him but it is quite a dysfunctional marriage and its obvious because of their unfaithfulness. However, Gatsby has a completely different view on life and way of life. He never actually had that same part of him that someone of old money would have. A symbolism of this can be observed in the story and it is represented perfectly. Gatsby sees a green light at the Buchanan house and in one seen he reaches for it. This symbolises his constant effort to fulfill his desire of having Daisy, but it is just too out of his reach, as the light is on the other side of the bay where the old money people reside. And at the end when Gatsby dies, hardly anyone showed up at Gatsby’s funeral. In reality, they were only attracted to his wealth and the parties he threw, not him as a man. A proof of this is something that Nick described; it was a phone call where he talked to a man who used to attend Gatsby’s parties “one gentleman to whom I telephoned implied that he had got what he deserved. However, that was my fault, for he was one of those who used to sneer most bitterly at Gatsby on the courage of Gatsby’s liquor and I should have known better than to call him.” In essence, money is what progresses the plot and shows the motives of many of the characters. The entire concept of new money and old money in this novel was what killed Gatsby in the end. Everything in this story, all movements of characters were driven by money. At the beginning of the novel the Buchanans move to fashionable East Egg, after moving around between “wherever people played polo and were rich together.” However, they were able to very quickly pick up everything and leave at the end after the murders took place, thanks to the protection which the money which they always had provided Daisy with. And for her part, she had only began her affair with Gatsby after a very detailed display of his wealth via the mansion tour. She even broke down in tears after Gatsby showed off his luxurious and overly expensive set of colored shirts, crying and saying that she had “never seen such beautiful shirts” before. That is exactly the kind of mind people of old money have. They are so privileged and have such reactions to the pettiest things which is exactly like Daisy. To wrap this up, Jay Gatsby had went out to make his fortune as a young man, and he did this with the dream of winning Daisy’s love as his motivation. After, he successfully ended up becoming incredibly wealthy and buys the mansion, clothes and throws the parties to show it all off. The only problem was Daisy, the love of his life, married Tom Buchanan and it seemed that all of his work was completely useless to him. Although it may seem idiotic, the new money want everything and think they can have it with money, and the old money in this book is so ignorant and selfish that the two shall never mix.

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