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In today’s world, schools must be
prepared for any type of crisis that are going to happen right from active
response situations to violent disasters, even bullying incidents, events and
playground injuries. In case if it emergency situation getting the right
information into the hands of the right people, no matter where they are, is
easy now with different mode of communication.

Communication- Behavior can be reinforced at school and home
with better communication. Internal email, chat, SMS provide an important
medium of transferring message between school & home, give instant
notification of behavior events. Parent/ school can
securely submit reports or complaints quickly and privately. This tool can
be used for filing complaints about any issue related to the institution
including ethics violations, harassment, sexual misconduct, crimes and others.

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Transportation- Dashboard for the
school administration has been meticulously designed to get to clear
details of summary in an intuitive and easy-to-navigate manner. Enables
schools to precisely log details about each child from the moment of boarding
the bus till reaches the drop-point. If the bus driver exceeds the speed limit
at any time, the school admin gets an alert that enables him to take action on driver.
The moment a security violation is detected there is a real-time alert issued
to the school admin for immediate action.

Increased Violence at Schools – Everyone is concerned about the increased number of violent acts at
school premises, causing intense fear and anxiety within other students as well
as staff members. EduSys system was designed to monitor and handle both child
and staff behaviour from the beginning with the help of behaviour tracker.

•      Track aggregated student or staff behaviour (positive & negative) on
monthly basis.

•      Track disciplinary incidents around the campus by updating sequences and
actions taken by Institution.

•      Suggest points for good behavior

•      Print tardies and notify parents on
Disciplinary Actions

Act more quickly and confidently when responding to a crisis situation

•      Making the school environment a psychologically distress free with total

It takes a lot of effort to
maintain a culture of positivity at schools, now can do it easily with EduSys, better
academic performance and create a better
place to learn and grow.

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