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In the days where businesses are seeking the very
best management information systems, cloud computing is a good system to check
out first. Cloud computing is the virtualization and central management of data
centers as a software-defined pools (Knorr, 2017). You may be thinking that
cloud computing sounds like it would be great for your business, but wondering
what the benefits are. Well, there are a lot of benefits by using cloud
computing such as cost, speed, global scale, productivity, performance, and
reliability. The cost savings can be seen automatically when you don’t have to
mass purchase hardware and software that is needed for daily use. Also, you
save money by not having to have your own data center and the people to keep
them up and running because cloud computing runs through the internet. With
most cloud computing services providing self-service on demand, it allows for
huge amounts of computing resources in minutes. Now the global scale allows you
to reach resources when needed and from the right global location. Cloud
computing has allowed companies more productivity with having programs and
software on the internet and this allows for employees to work on other things.
If you are worried about the performance that is offered with cloud computing,
well worry no more, because cloud computing services run on a worldwide
datacenters, which are regularly upgraded to the latest generation of fast and
efficient computing hardware (“What is cloud computing? A beginner’s guide
| Microsoft Azure”, n.d.). Lastly you can lean on the reliability that is
offered with cloud computing, data can be mirrored at redundant sites which
makes data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity easier and less

When it comes down to businesses, there are many
different “clouds” to use. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is where a business
subscribes to an application it accesses over the internet ((UK, Networking Reviews, Products & Griffith, 2016)).
The Platform-as-service (PaaS) is a pretty cool service because it allows
businesses to create its own custom applications for use by all in the company.
Just imagine making yourself with an application that was created by you and
your whole team could base business decisions by whatever information that was
added to create and run the program. This could for sure save time with just
updating the application rather than an employee having to create an Excel
product just to convey some information. Lastly there is the
Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), this is where major companies like Google,
offers storage and computer services on a pay as you use. So, once again the
(IaaS) can save you money once again instead of having to maintain your own
data bases.

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To be able to use the cloud computing services,
there are three different ways that to deploy them. The first is by the public
cloud, these are owned and operated by third- party providers that also own and
manage all hardware, software, and other supporting infrastructure (“What
is cloud computing? A beginner’s guide | Microsoft Azure”, n.d.). Now if
you wanted your own cloud, then the private cloud is the one for your business.
The private cloud is a cloud computing resource used exclusively by a single
business or organization (“What is cloud computing? A beginner’s guide |
Microsoft Azure”, n.d.). Then finally there is the hybrid cloud that
combines public and private clouds, this allows data and applications to be
shared between them (“What is cloud computing? A beginner’s guide |
Microsoft Azure”, n.d.).

If you want to have the best management information
system, you should definitely pick cloud computing as one. Not only is it used
worldwide, it can be used for startup businesses on up to an international
business. So save yourself and your business the hassle of having to constantly
upgrading the hardware, software, and any other programs that is needed when
there are better options out there like cloud computing. Don’t let your
business fall behind in this fast pace of evolving technology and information
management systems.

engine optimization (SEO) is a great management information system to have if
you are wanting to exploit your business through search engines.  First you need to know what exactly an SEO
really does.  SEO is the process of
affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid
results (WordStream & Demers, 2017). With millions
of people searching for things through search engines, you just got to figure
out what your optimizing for.  The key
here is research words people are searching for.  For example if your company is selling some
type of board games, then the keyword you would want to use is
“games”.  Even though you may
have picked that word, you still need to figure out how many people are
searching for that word.  Now that you
have done that and found out if your word is relevant, then you either need to
find another word to use or you are good to go on the current word picked.  Don’t forget that you should remember the
potential costs and whether you are going to succeed or fail using the word you
picked.  To be successful with SEO, you
have to make sure that the research done for your keyword, that you need to get
what people are searching for, the needs of the person, and how they describe
what they are searching for.  Knowing
this will for sure help you succeed when using SEO.  With your word picked out, you need to
optimize your webpage by adding them into what you are advertising.  When you have your word placed throughout
your webpage, make sure you have a good title tag.  This is important, because this is the title
that is going to show up on the search engine. 
Also you are going to need to give a good description about your web
page, this is going to be under the title that found on that search
engine.  Make sure that you also add the
URL so when people want to visit your site through an search engine it
automatically sends them to your site. 
The focus should now be to figuring out what people want to find on your
web page, doing this will allow you to decide the content you can create and
how to advertise it.  With the keywords
that was talked about earlier, this allows you to map your assets.

            Now that you have figure all the word to use, designed
your page, and set up what will show up on a search engine, you need to figure
out technical SEO issues that might affect your page.  No one ever wants to visit a page and wait
forever for the page to load, so make sure your webpage is loading as fast as
possible.  Next make sure that your web
page is mobile friendly, seeing that people use their mobile devices as much as
computers these days.  Another thing to
remember, is that you want to make sure your not changing your URL too much.
Doing this will affect the amount of traffic that your web page may be getting.
 This is pretty much what all needs to be
done to put an SEO in place.  It may seem
like a lot of work, but if you want your business to succeed then do it and it should
pay off.

            You may be wondering if everything that you did to setup an
SEO is paying off, so use Google Analytics to check.  This will show you organic traffic, which shows
the actual volume of people coming to your site.  There are other details that can be checked using
this Google Analytic tool that can gage how your web page is performing in search

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