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In modern day, society’s time consumption is majorly circulated
upon the internet which is a global network providing a variety of information
and communication facilities, ( – We now spend more than eight hours a day
consuming media) as the average amount of time spent online across the globe as
of 2017 is over 490 minutes on a daily amount. In 2019, it is estimated that
there will be around 2.77 billion social media users around the globe, up from
2.46 billion in 2017. Social network penetration worldwide is ever-increasing.
In 2017, (Global social media research summary) 71 percent of internet
users were social network users and these figures are expected to grow. On a whole
the usage of the internet has had a tremendous impact on society globally as we
know it. It gives a voice to those who cannot speak and those that struggle
socially on their own receive mechanically computerised help. The World Wide
Web has given us many wonderful things used for wonderful purposes and an
opportunity to connect more among society however this differentiates as the
internet has also created an anti-social atmosphere among society as certain
people will struggle socially with face-to-face confrontation due to overuse of
the internet, the internet has created multiple good and negative influences
upon relationships, so has it impacted society for the better or worse in its overall

To elaborate on this there are numerous possibilities on
whether the internet either damages or strengthens social connections. Thus far
people have deemed the usage of the internet as a good influence in the aspects
of education, personal relationships as well as the economy. Furthermore, the
following up reason as to why the internet is beneficial towards connections in
education (Oxbridge Article: Is the internet good or bad for education?) is
that in the article it presents the internet as a providing  the ability of communicating with other
students and teachers which has been enabled globally for 21st century
education to defy the prolonged distances and physical boundaries which is due
to reliability on the World Wide Web, it allows various amounts of theories and
knowledge to be produced across a variety of continents which would give
students access to more knowledge as well as teachers having the ability to
make use of the resources they find online to share valuable ideas and
techniques. Moreover, the internet allows an education to anybody with access
to a computer meaning that students from a long-distant geographical location
which is isolated have the ability to connect with tutors as well as educators,
consequently an abundance of information is available to students due to them
having access to the internet they are able to possess knowledge to certain
resources which are needed for specific subjects as well it simplifies projects
or essays for students as they have access to facts, figures, images and depths
of information. Overall, (Pew Research Center global attitudes and trends) a
median of 64% across 32 emerging and developing nations say the internet is a
good influence on education than on any other aspect in society in addition it
allows relationships between students, teachers and knowledge to flourish and
prosper, proving that although a minority of 18% believe that the internet
causes negative influences among education the effects of the positivity of
education due to the internet heavily outweighs this as it has allowed
education to expand to further boundaries as well as make the world more
knowledgeable than it ever has been. The knowledge given from Oxbridge is
highly credible as it’s a highly reputable university combination, it provides
an in depth definitory upon how the internet impacts education in a positive
influence as well as being primarily fact-based and it justifies how the usage
is utilised for education matters as well as this the statistics provided from
Pew research centre are validated as the site has un-bias information provided
and the data it is based upon is reasonable and fits among the conclusion
reached upon the internet’s influences on education.

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Furthermore, functions on the internet provide more online
interactions (Advances in Intelligent systems and Applications- Volume 1)
especially social medias such as Facebook which enables individuals to
establish new relationships with acquaintances, as well as maintain close
relationships with friends. This drives us to the questions whether the
Internet is detrimental to one’s interpersonal relationship or whether,
instead, it might enhance one’s interpersonal relationship as the internet
creates relationships online through communication as well as ameliorate them.
In total, 444 valid copies of questionnaires were collected from a university.
The results indicated that the Internet functions on social interaction, video
watching, and information seeking can enhance interpersonal relationship.
Overall, the internet has had a positive outcome among the internet upon
personal relationships as it strengthens as well as allows society to have the
ability to discover multiple supplementary relationships due to having access
to the World Wide Web, Advances in intelligent systems and applications is a
credible reference as the contents of it are purely based upon a symposium
between professionals
and the knowledge is non-bias as it has justification behind how the internet
has a positive effect on personal relations.

On the other
hand, the internet has different influences on other aspects such as in
personal relationships or long-term relationships as well as in youth, society
and business. In depth a prime example of this is to do with developing an
addiction towards the usage of the internet (Pew Research Center) the people
who spend far too much time within the online virtual reality environment
develop psychologic issues which in turn causes damage towards their
relationships, this especially causes complications in the youth as the
influence upon their mind set is
far more impressionable in comparison towards an entirely developed intellect.
This is evident as In February 2004, a reporter asked one author (Wellman) to
comment on the deaths of four supposed “cyber-addicts” who spent much time
online in virtual reality environments, this provides the validation that the
internet consumes certain people from in-person contact. Furthermore,
addictions towards the internet negatively influences relationships in society,
Pew research Centre is a reliable informant on a whole for the knowledge upon
damaging of addiction on the internet towards social connections as the
information is the least bias provided on the website they use the most
credible of media sources and it gives validation for its evaluation of the
negative impact on the internet. Overall, the internet negatively impacts
social relations in the form of resulting into addictions and psychological
predicaments which damage relationships as people develop to endeavour with
physical contact due to the familiarity of the World Wide Web being compulsory
to their social activity in replacement of face-to-face socialising.

In argument
against the internet damaging social connections, to come to a resolution one
must debate the strengths and weaknesses as to why the internet is beneficial
towards relationships within the education field as well as able to provide
more interactions within social connections. Furthermore, (TechnoFall) the
internet is a positive influence among the educational field as it improves
relationships between tutors and students as well as giving abilities to access
valuable information for the benefits of the field, thus presenting that the
internet provides an ascendancy to the education field due to the further
ability it supplies. Despite this fact, the World Wide Web within the education
sector could enrol the users of it with invalid or bias information which is at
a possibility to be taken in an academic or literal sense due to the use of internet
research being accessible to tutors as well as students, it could also
encourage forms of plagiarism amongst the utilisation of the internet in the
educational field, in addition this could cause vandalism among the teachers or
pupils connections due to the consequence of the negative influence caused by
the impact of the internet. Overall, in spite of the internet having a
possibility of causing forms of plagiarism in addition to invalidated
information to cause dismissive relations in education, the positive influence
of it in the educational field of improving relations heavily outweighs the
negativity as a vast majority of the globe relies on the World Wide Web in the
section of education thus shows it is a valid aspect to academic matters and regardless
of the negative possibilities it is still a reliable resource due to the major
demand of its utilisation for research in the learning field, which impacts the
positivity among teacher pupil connections.

the World Wide Web provides benefits towards social connections (The Indian
Express) as the internet allocates its users with online interactions on social
media’s which allow people to engage in social connections as well as expand on
them due to it allowing its users to converse globally, this enhances the
internet in strengthening social connections due to the availability of this
aspect as well as the capability of creating new relations due to the use of
the World Wide Web. On the other hand, the usage of social media’s can alienate
certain users from connections as it can cause isolation or expose them to
dangers due to interactions with hazardous people, this inflicts a negative
influence amongst the utilisation of the internet as it can mentally effect
people as well as prevent them from further involving themselves in relations
online as well as physically. Predominantly, the accessibility towards social
media’s is evidentially increasingly beneficial towards relations rather than
damaging since social interactions online potentially conduct negative
influences causing infliction among social relations however the mainstream
portrayal of online communications benefit relations as they provide a more
convenient form of conversing and it can maintain those relationships solely
due to this.


The argument
however that is for the internet conflicting damage upon social connections is
a prerequisite to be addressed (Carrier Clinic) as consistent usage of the
internet potentially results in the complications of addiction which inflicts
damage surrounding social connections as it induces psychological predicaments
as well as increasing followings of isolation from physical relations.
Contrasting from this however, constant usage of the internet is a potential
benefit due to the possibility of gaining a career due to a heavy
familiarisation with the World Wide Web, this is a rarity of a result however.
Overall, it could benefit the user economically wise if their addiction turns
into a career, regardless much of this process results in the damaging of
social connections as well as mental health which, therefore shows that the
internet shatters social connections in this sense due to the cause of
addiction towards it.


conclusion, although the settlement of the argument is complex to decipher among
whether the internet damages social connections as opposed to benefiting them,
despite the flaws among the relations online it validly is a positive influence
globally than the World Wide Web conflicting significant damage in comparison.
As the world is developing as is the internet, at this time it distinctly
provides the globe with multiple resources, globally we rely on it as a routine
in our daily lives, as it also develops the obstacles that flaw the internet
will be tackled in turn which, is the factor as to why the internet has an
increasingly more beneficial purpose as against damaging to social connections.
Significantly however, physical connections should not decrease as society
proceeds into the future, a balance of both online and face-to-face can be
sustained, willingly a consonance of the two will reliantly be compelled to.

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