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 In order to succeed in a crowed market with a product you only have a few avenues to follow. One of them is to catch the eye of the consumer and he or she through the word of mouth spreads the opinion of your product and this opinion is crucial to the products success.How do you do that: Packaging that fixes your attention by the way it stands out, is unusual in a way that you remember it and sends a message that stays in your mind and memory. There are two layers of packaging to concentrate on. First, the actual packaging that contains the product and then the packaging that protects the product.I have decided to use the crowed drinks market and focus on a vodka called Belvederewhich means “beautiful to see”.   The producers recognized the importance of the packaging of their product in order to achieve a premium price and are designated a luxury product.

 The name and picture on the bottle represent the Belweder Palace in Warsaw , a place used as official residence of Polish Presidents and a place which belonged to the last king of Poland Stanislaw August Poniatowski. The idea of using a transparent picture through the bottle and on the front writing its various flavors in different colors is what I call brilliant packaging. Unusual though refined and eye-catching . A bottle which you don’t mind having standing on a table in your room , like a work of art .  This bottle design has achieved numerous goals without making one over powering .

 I list the ones  in no particular order of importance . Catch the consumers eye , create the feeling of importance over other brands , show historical heritage and the ability to withstand the time of history with a product which perfection has come through 600 years of polish vodka making . It should be said that no amount of packaging can succeed if the actual product inside is not very good . The manufactures have therefore also concentrated on perfecting a vodka that can be drunk alone , or with various other mixes . Then we have the packaging that protects the bottle which is as important as the internal packaging  as this is the first contact with the consumer.

In addition to developing innovative concepts for gift packaging the goal was to refine the existing standard box.The designers  brilliantly conceived a way of making the tree design appear more 3-dimensional and tactile and combined that with a more premium metallic carton board . To make the production more accurate and efficient they replaced the existing caselined box with a sleek carton  and incorporated the signature blue seal as an integral part of the design.

In addition the picture of the palace resonated with the image of a mansion even for people not realizing the historic importance of the place . Throughout they have managed to keep an emphasis on intelligent , approachable and modern and with this helped keep the attention of the potential buyer longer than other brands would do . Keeping a consumers attention for even a few seconds longer can mean the difference between success ( a sale ) or failure because there are so many different options available . The difficulty is selling a general product like vodka at a very high price versus other very good much cheaper vodka’s and this is where packaging has its greatest impact and makes the greatest difference.

The quality of not only the design but the material of which a box is made of also is vital to giving the feel of something superior . If a consumer gets interested in a product and then as he / she would normally do and picks it up to have a closer look then if the box is feeble and feels as if its about to fall apart then automatically he / she will assume the product is also of the same lesser quality and put the box down and move on to another .

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