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In one of America’s more famous speeches, Former President John F. Kennedy spoke to a large group of people about the Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish religions.  For the time of the speech, this covered the “accepted” religions in America.  Times, of course, have changed- major catastrophic events have shaped the Americans views on many but primarily one religion- Muslim.  After 9/11 Americans have taken their views on that religion and made it into a look, into certain countries, yet the civilians preach that everyone is given the right to practice their own religion freely.    Issues concerning religion are some of the most hotly contested topics in politics today. Consider as an example, the seemingly never-ending conflict in the Middle East over rights to Israel. It can be argued that this conflict has as much to do with politics as it does with religious beliefs. However, the way in which politics most closely relates to the study of world religions is in its creation of so-called “civil religion.” Kennedy today would rather address no religion and keep it less personal in his views; however, in his speech, he beautifully spoke about how each and everyone was free to practice their own religion but only address a few.  He’s putting a boot to any religious throats and implies that keeping America a free country, where you can practice any religion you want. On page 488 Kennedy clearly states that Kennedy stresses the importance of separation of church and state and condemns nations without religious liberty and tolerance. Kennedy de-emphasizes the importance of Catholicism in his candidacy.  On page 490 in conversations in literature, it is spoken about how there is a role of religion in government.  Where a    American civil religion is a religion borne entirely from politics. It got its start at a point in American history when phenomena called the Great Awakening swept across the nation. The Great Awakening began as a spiritual revival in the American colonies. As a result of the Great Awakening individual churches were divided among revivalists and skeptics. This caused the idea of civil religion to come into existence. Americans who used to be unified by churches were now looking to government and politics for unification.

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