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    In October 1946, after World War 2 the Vatican was faced with a harsh decision. They decided to refuse Jewish children to return to their Jewish families. These children were baptized in order to be protected by the Christians until the war was over and then they were “supposed” to return to their Jewish families. There has been a document found in a French church just outside Paris discussing the Church’s policy and practices during the war. The document has opened a debate about the Catholic Church and Pope Pius XII role during World War 2. Some say he is an “Anti-Semite” because he stayed quiet during the war. However, some praise him as a savior of Jewish lives. Also, it contains an order to only allow Jewish children to return to there Jewish families if they have not been baptized. Unfortunately, they do not know who wrote the document but are certain that is was not the Vatican or Pope Pius XII. Another document was discovered stating that Monsignor Roncalli, a French representative of the Vatican, wrote a document pledging to return every Jewish born child to their families after the war was over. The people believe that the decision that the church took is inhuman.     The Church in these circumstances is being too vigorous with their beliefs. The Church believes that if any child baptized falls under Christian policy and belongs to the Catholic Church. In these terms they are correct but they can not make a decision based on the bible because the bible does not speak of war. The Bible has many lessons to teach us but we must remember to not interpret the bible word for word but to instead look for a deeper meaning in the teachings the Bible offers us to really learn from the Bible. For example, the Bible says to treat everyone as you would want to be treated (Golden Rule) but in a war that is impossible. This is why the Church should allow the children to return to their Jewish families.

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