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In the past years, the world has seen a great many changes. For many these were the changes oftechnology and communication. But what mainly concerns us today is the health condition of thecommon people. With the rise of conflicts in the Middle East, Asia and Africa in the recent yearsthe number of refugees has also increased greatly and resulted to reach the number of 1 Billion.And for this particular reason we will be addressing today about the healthcare of the refugees.Being in the 34th position in the WHO health ranking Denmark has proved to the world how toensure proper healthcare to the people by proper steps and planned policies. But Denmark alsorecognizes the fact that Quality is a thing that should not be depleted while rising the Quantity.The Kingdom of Denmark is concerned about the health issues of the refuges mainly in theEurope and the Asian countries especially Syria, Bangladesh and CAF. Being a nation whichprovides her citizens with one of the best healthcare facilities (life expectancy 80.80 years,ranked 27th,) we are deeply concerned about the 250 million International migrants among whom65 million are forcibly displaced from their homes along with 763 million internal migrants. Wealso show our concerned about the refugees in Turkey, Germany and other developing nations.Bangladesh can be an example of the condition of the refugees. Being developing nation she isfighting with the epidemic and healthcare of the people but also is providing healthcare to the 0.7million Rohingya mass who have fled and driven away from their home country. 95% of therefugees do not have access to clean water let alone good sanitation facility. We show ourgratitude to Bangladesh to administer the second largest Oral Cholera Vaccination Campaignwhich is 700,487 in total and to WHO to enact the WHA 61.17 on the month of May of 2008 forthe migrants. But at the same time they are facing the odd effects of it. It may seem odd that ourcountry has shown a PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE STANCE against the refugees is only becausewe want to provide the refugees with permanent protection with all benefits instead of temporarybenefits with lower health, medication and sanitation facility. At the same time the DanishRefugee Council (DRC) is working for the better living of the refugees and to mitigate theirhardship in various Refugee Camps. For better insight we want to insight a quote of DemetriosG. Papademetriou,'”We want to protect the fact that my country, a small country, is an extremely wealthy country;that it provides these exceptional benefits to its people; and we don’t want to compromise myability to receive those benefits simply because more and more people want to come in.”Expressing our deepest sympathies and addressing these concerns, Denmark would suggest thefollowing to be in action as soon as possible:• To prepare, in full consultation and cooperation with Member States and incooperation with the International Organization for Migration and UNHCR andother relevant stakeholders, a draft framework of priorities and guiding principlesto promote the health of refugees and migrants.• To make every possible effort, in close collaboration with Member States, andbased on the guiding principles, to ensure that health aspects are adequatelyaddressed in the development of the global compact on refugees and the globalcompact for safe, orderly and regular migration, in close collaboration withrelevant international organizations and to report them to the committee.• To conduct a situation analysis by identifying and collecting experiences andlessons learned on the health of refugees and migrants in each region, in order toprovide inputs for the development of the framework of priorities and guidingprinciples to promote the health of refugees and migrants.• To find out the areas of expenditures for the sanitation and health related issues ofthe Refugees. Besides to establish tube well and to work on the excavation ofwells in the African countries like Chad, Somalia.• To donate or allocate a part of the GDP for different NGOs or as donation toMember nation to provide better sanitation and health facilities to the refugees.• To take step to prevent the communicable diseases and preventing and reducingthe threats that is posed by non-communicable disease.References1. WHO – WHO Migrants – WHA 61.17 – The Atlantic – Relief Web – CNN- Reuters- The Local -

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