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In discussion about satire, a controversial issue is whether satire has a negative effect on society today. While some may argue that it is verbally abusive, others say it brings the audience together to debate on certain issues. I believe that satire does have a positive impact. It can encourage the audience to question and challenge the way our society is. In forms such as tv shows and books, satire is a way to criticize others using humor. Yes, all satire might not be effective, but it doesn’t mean they are all in-effective. Satire can often be rude and give serious offense. Oppressive rulers can not be persuaded just by being made of fun of however, good satire can also help confront our mistakes and cause discussion about how are society is. While journalist report about the horrible events in our world today, satirist makes us confront the mistakes we made. In Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain exposes all the flaws to our American society through satire. Although Huckleberry Finn was written 134 years ago, many flaws Twain points out are still relevant today such as racism and Many believe that schools shouldn’t be reading Huckleberry Finn because it is “racist”. But future generations need to acknowledge the mistakes we made in the past to prevent them from happening in the future. His meaning behind continously saying the word “nigger” was to portray what life was like back then and to show that racial prejudices were wrong. Another example is when Twain describes to us how our ignorant and idiotic our society has become. In the King and Duke’s rendition of Romeo and Juliet, the king,” come a-prancing out on all fours, naked” (152). Twain begins to critique the men on their standards of entertainment. He believes that we have developed our definition of humor around man’s desperation of money. Although having written this book in the 1800s, Twain’s perception of society is not far off from what our society is like today. Now in the 21st century, Tv shows such as the Daily Show or Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert and social media give the younger generation a look at the ongoing discourse within our society today. They’re not only just popular shows for the young audience, they are also viewed as an important news source. I’m not saying that every kid in America will do further research on a political skit, I am arguing that it raises awareness to political and social views discussed in the show. Journalist Owen Jones from The Guardian,”A powerful force for mobilising political change” (Jones). Political satire will continue to have a strong effect on its audience to motivate them to change what’s around them. In the article, Jones discuss,”quality satire does not just scrutinise and ridicule the great and the good” (Jones), it also helps engage those who do not understand politics. According to Caitlin Flanagan in The Atlantic, because of satire it encourage Trump supporters to vote for Trump. But in the Trump era, satire is now needed more than ever. Although I do agree with her opinion, satire can now help us survive the next four years and give us physiological comfort when dealing with the difficult situations Trump might put us in. As claimed by Jeet Heer from The New Republic,”… humor is an “armour”… then we need jokes more than ever”(Heer). In the article, Heer states that satire created by producers such as South Park is designed to make Trump feel like he is being laughed at. Satire such as this re-establishes our freedom of speech that Donald Trump often threatens. My point is that satire has a positive effect on society. While I do agree that to understand satire and to find it funny, the audience must understand the meaning behind the satire. But past that, you’ll discover a powerful meaning to the satire. Essentially I’m arguing that satire is now needed more than ever. By pointing out our flaws, we question our society and question ourselves. In other words, it is to stop the negative sand encourage the positive. My conclusion is then that satire brings together people who may not understand or care about the problems we face today and gets them thinking.

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