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is the fourth stage where action is now being put into action. These are all
the things that  has being planned in
order to create a change in the patients condition.

In the case of Mrs Biggs the goal will be to make
sure that Mrs Biggs is free of injury with reduced risk factors of falls. The nurse
will need to develop a plan that prevents falls.

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The third
step is called planning. Now that the diagnosis has been identified the nurses
now has things that they can do to help the patient. This is the stage where
the nurses can start setting goals, priorities, developing the care plan, and reassuring
the patient  before applying the care
plan. This means that nurses always has to reassess the patient before carrying
out the actions they choose.

The second
step is called diagnosis, it is where the nurse must make a professional judgement
about the data from the assessment data to identify a potential or an actual
health problem. The judgment can come out as a problem, risk for problem, or
strength. Sometimes it can be difficult to make a reliable judgement, therefore
multiple diagnosis are made for a single patient.  These diagnoses are also used to judge if the patients’
health is improving and whether or not they may have developed a syndrome. These
diagnoses are not the same as medical diagnosis because they are focused on
patient’s problems that result from the disease, and also whether or not a
patient is at risk of developing further problems, while the medical diagnoses
focus on the disease prosses alone. 

she also
struggled to reposition herself when in bed and sitting in a chair. She is got
a left sided facial weakness

Looking at Mrs Biggs health history confirms
that she had a stroke, which caused her left sided weakness resulting in
difficult in walking and using her left arm. This can put Mrs Biggs at risks
for falls.

The nursing
process has 5 five steps and the first step is called the assessment phase. In
this first step is where the nurse assesses the patient to make sure that the
environment is safe and the information is accurate and it’s up to date. The nurse
collects information about the patient so they can identify the current health
status, actual and risks for health problems. To collect this information the
nurse will interview the patient; they will carry physically assessments,
patient’s health history, family history and some other general observation. This
information will then be used to develop a care plan for the patient and will
also be used for future comparisons.

Mrs Briggs
is a 70 year old, who was admitted to the medical ward following a stroke.
Since admission she has been found to be incontinent of urine. Her speech was
slurred which impaired communication. Mrs Briggs has a history of hypertension
for the last 10 years treated by anti-hypertensive medication. I am going to discuss
the holistic assessment and care of Mrs Briggs using nursing process for
problem solving approach, which is a five step process that’s “that is
organised to help the nurse logically approach situations that may lead to
problems” (Lynda Carpenito 2007, p.4). I will be focusing on risk to pressure
ulcers, malnutrition and falls.

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