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Imagine this: You’re running out of the house on your way to work, school, or some other event. You’re five minutes late and the building is right there, looking inviting and easy for you. You’re so close to being where you need to be, rushing to get there. Suddenly, you feel your shoe sink into something soft and squishy. You look down and there it is. A giant pile of dog poop, brown and squashed underfoot. You’re horrified an these are your only pair of shoes. They’re ruined, stinky, and you can’t possibly go anywhere with them on. But you have to get to where you’re going, so you push through the day, rubbing your foot over anything you can to get enough of the dog poop off of your shoe to lessen the smell and residue left over as you walk. It’s horrifying, disgusting, and downright rude that someone would leave dog poop on the sidewalk when it does all harm and no good.How would you feel if you walked outside in the morning, stepped in dog poop, brought it inside to wash it off, and you get a sickness from poop left on the sidewalk? According to, a pet waste management site, dog poop can, “..contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria, which are known to cause cramps, diarrhea, intestinal illness, and serious kidney disorders in humans”. This does not even mention the damage dog poop can cause to your grass, the environment, general aesthetics, and even the health of your own dog or dogs around you. Even waterways can be damaged by dog poop that travels into them after they haven’t been cleaned up by their owners.However, dog owners who know these risks of leaving their festering dog poop on the sidewalks but do so anyways claim that sometimes it can be hard to remember bags to pick up the poop or even that carrying them around with afterwards is disgusting. They also state that picking the poop itself up is horrifying. By all accounts that is true as the fecal matter of any animal is terrifyingly disgusting, but so is being sick and ruining the environment.With this in mind, however, we can all truly see that dealing with a moment of personal pain and discomfort after cleaning up after your pooch is nothing compared to the short-term and long-term repercussions of not picking up after them. It is much better to put a bit of effort into helping the world be a better, cleaner place than it is to sit back and aid in the destruction of the Earth.It is important to remember that it is a ridiculous notion that forgetting bags is a valid excuse, as many places and parks offer dog bags and there are easy and affordable options for ones you can carry around. It is a simple task to carry and use the bags you get from the grocery store to pick up your pet’s poop, so you don’t go stepping in it later.If you don’t pick it up, who will?

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