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Imagine for a moment that you are not where you are.

Instead you’re outside, you have no shelter, when it rains you’re wet, when it’s cold you’re freezing, and you have no money. This is what life is like for many homeless Americans each day. Today I am going to talk to you about donating your time or money to help by putting an end to homelessness. First let us take a small look at the issues with homelessness in our great nation.   The first thing you need to know is that homelessness effects many different kinds of people.

The normal age of a homeless person is nine years old, not only that but fifty percent of homeless adults were also homeless as children. According to the national coalition for the homeless last year over three million people were homeless. Statistics have even shown that most people living in poverty are most likely to become homeless simply due to the actuality that economically they are at a much steeper risk of losing what little they already have.  Most people question why the homeless are homeless? Most people would assume that the homeless are sloppy, lazy, and irresponsible. But a survey taken showed us that in 30 cities 1/5th of the homeless happen to be employed. many of these people are not even addicted to drugs and still remain homeless. Declining wages have put housing out of reach for many workers and in every state more than minimum wage is need to afford a one or two-bedroom apartment.

Another contribution to homelessness are the health problems.  As stated by U.S. Bureau of Census Over forty-one million Americans do not have any health insurance. Which impacts health severely especially since homeless people are more likely to suffer from every category of health problems.

 These conditions like HIV/AIDS, addictive and mental disorders require regular treatments. Which in turn can be very hard to treat without a house. Which is why housing needs to be the first form of treatment for homeless people suffering from medical problems.  By now it should be pretty clear to you that this is definitely a problem, so what are some ways you can help? Homelessness is not an issue that will just simply go away, but you can help to put an end to it. One way to help is to volunteer your time. Working at soup kitchens not only benefit the homeless, but are also a good way to get first-hand experience with this problem. Donating money is also a reliable way to help this epidemic.

Donate money to charities. Support homeless fund-raises. You’re not the only person that can help. Write to government officials and ask them to help you fight homelessness.  Some of you may ask, “Why help? I’m not homeless so why waste my time or money trying to fix a problem I don’t have?” Homeless people are human beings just like you and I. They deserve a fair chance at life.

They need our help because they cannot do it alone. Without help many of these people will die. Helping the homeless can also benefit you. When people don’t have enough money to pay for medical insurance whose pocket it comes out of? Yours. Taxes are taken out of every pay check to help cover these costs.

Taxes are also taken out to support welfare programs. Not only that but it’s very possible that some crime may also be eliminated.  The homeless epidemic is getting better, and with your help, it can end quicker. As a matter of fact, there has been an increase in cities and some states as to coming up with plans and solutions on what they can do to ensure it comes to an end. Speaking of pans the NAEH (National Alliance to End Homelessness) has come up with a ten-year plan to end homelessness.

If you want you can even visit the link below and read testimonies from people who were once homeless. Listening to them and hearing their testimonies will allow you to better understand what they had to live through.  

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