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If you take a look at the labels on your clothing, they are most likely made in a country other than where you live right now. This is just one example of globalization. At the root, globalization is the interconnectedness of nations through technological, economic, political and environmental developments. (Kuepper, n.

d.)  In theory, a world stage is then created where the movement of people, cultures, ideas and capital is occurring more than ever. (Kuepper, n.d.

) To be globalized in a more developed world means to have access to a wider variety of goods and services, lower priced products, better-paying jobs, improved health care and generally a better standard of living. However, for the less-developed world, being globalized means unsafe working conditions, low-paying wages, pollution, and dilution of culture. As a result, a heated debate is then created about whether globalization is positive or negative. When viewing globalization on the surface, people tend to think that the developed parts of the world are richer and the less-developed parts as poorer.  Previously I was under that impression as well.

However, as I took a deeper look into the concept of globalization, I think of it as a relatively positive concept that has been taken advantage of by capitalist and multi-national organizations. Capitalism is the economic system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by businesses whose motive is to make a profit. (Amadeo, n.d ) In my opinion, a binary is then created between the more-developed and the less-developed world. Globalization gives capitalists the access to interconnect themselves to different countries where they can produce their services and products at the cheapest cost possible, causing the people living in the less developed world to be put at a disadvantage. In my opinion, if capitalists did not cut corners and followed proper regulations when operating in foreign countries, the concept of globalization could offer benefits to more people around the world. A good example shown in tutorial that exemplifies this globalization and capitalism in a positive way is the film “1-800 India”.

  This film showcases India’s rapidly growing economy from job outsourcing and how the people working the jobs have benefited and increased India’s overall standard of living. (1-800-INDIA, n.d.) The film follows young women and men working at outsourced well-paid jobs at call centres while adapting to westernized work habits. (1-800-INDIA, n.d.

) The film reveals positive globalization when capitalists follow proper regulations.  The people showcased in the movie do not work in unsafe conditions, they are paid proper wages and are able to have a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, the family life of the workers is improved, landscape and cities become more developed, and it gives women a way to get into the workforce. I think if more capitalistic multi-national companies followed their lead, the divide between the developed and less developed world would decrease. Therefore, I am optimistic that globalization is a good concept when it is not taken advantage of.

  As an individual in the more developed world, I am lucky to benefit from globalization. Even if globalization is a result of capitalism, I still benefit from cheap products and a higher standard of living.  Although that is not always the case, I think that if multi-national companies operating in the less developed world followed better regulations, it will allow for healthy development in those particular countries. The movie “1-800 India” is a good example of how globalization has helped people in the third world by improving their economy. Globalization has affected the lives of those of us living in the more developed world in many different ways, however, in my opinion globalization is being taken advantage of by capitalism causing a negative impact on those living in the less developed world.  I’m sure that globalization will continue to rapidly impact the interconnectedness of different countries due to technological, economic, political and environmental developments and innovation.


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