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            If I were to create a technical invention as a
professional engineer, I would patent a wireless portable charger for your cell
phone powered by solar power. Solar power captures the energy radiated from the
sun and transfers it into electricity. Wireless chargers can then use that electricity
to charge the battery of a cell phone without a physical connection by a charging
cord. The wireless charger coupled with solar power provides a safe, convenient,
and reliable way to charge the battery of your electronic devices.

concept of wireless charging, or charging by induction, is based on the
principle of magnetic resonance. Magnetic resonance is the absorption of energy
emitted by atomic nuclei or electrons in a magnetic field. Wirelessly energy
transfer requires two physical coils, a transmitter coil and a receiver coil. An
alternating current flows through the transmitter coil in order to create a magnetic
field that extends to the receiver coil. The receiver coil then converts the
alternating current into a direct current that is used to charge the battery of
the receiving device, such as a cell phone. The relationship between these two circuits
form a transformer, a device that uses electromagnetic induction to transfer
electrical energy and modify the voltage of an alternating current.

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solar powered wireless charger is designed to charge your cell phone without
the use of plugs and outlets. The design of the wireless charger is a double-sided
display that can stand by itself or lay flat on any surface. The charging
station itself would be on the front side of the display while the back side
would be made up of solar panels. This design is very effective in terms of absorbing
the maximum amount of sunlight in your environment. The materials needed for
this invention consist of a six voltage solar panel, a circuit board, a
transmitter coil and receiver coil made of wire, a hinge, and plastic housing to
protect the circuit. Based on the sum of the cost of the materials needed to
produce this product, the estimated cost would be $19.99. A solar powered
wireless charger is not only energy efficient and environmentally friendly, but
also cost efficient.

A wireless charger powered by solar power would be very
advantageous to society. The development of wireless charging provides a continuous
stream of power to our electronic devices. Solar power is a renewable energy
source available to everyone. For this reason, my invention would be a benefit to
the five billion people who depend on their cell phones every day. It would be
an even bigger benefit to all the people throughout the world who have the access
to technology, but do not have power sources openly available to them. In a
society dependent on their cell phones, the benefits of a wireless solar
powered chargers are obvious.

In conclusion, I believe that a wireless charger that is
powered by solar power would be a very beneficial invention. Not only does the charging
station involve the developing technology of wireless charging, it is also uses
solar power as its main source of energy. In light of all of the developing
technological inventions on the market, a solar powered wireless charger promises
to offer convenience, reliability, and affordability in the aspect of charging
your electronic devices.

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