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If I continue with
the high consumption of sugar and fats, then it is evident that I will reach a
point and my health will be affected. This will leave me with no option except
to make some changes in my daily diet. There are some of the nutrients that are
required by the body that according to my observation are below the required
limit. Additionally, there are some of the nutrients which are above the daily
required limit which need to be reduced or be substituted with other
foodstuffs. Failure to make some changes in my daily consumption habits, then
it would lead to health implications.


According to the
above report, I have been consuming about three serves of grain foods per day
instead of he required six serves per day. This have reduced the amount of
fiber that I have been consuming. Instead, I have been consuming a lot of meat
which have led to accumulation of fats and protein in the body. For a healthy
diet in the future, I need to substitute the consumption of meat and its
products with cereals. This will enable me to acquire the proteins in the meat
from another source do not have high content of fats. By doing this, I will not
only be obtaining protein as the only nutrient, but also having additional
nutrients such as carbohydrates from the cereals.

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Additionally, I
would increase the consumption of vegetables as they have high supply of
nutrients and are cholesterol free. Unlike many of the meat products, vegetables
have surplus of nutrients and don’t have health implications. In my daily diary, I have only consumed
about four serves instead of the required six serves per day. increasing the
serves to the required number, then it would help regulate the amount of fats
consumed in a day. Also, the amount of sugar that I consume from soft drinks
and beverages would need to be reduced. Apart from reducing them, I would
substitute their consumption with the consumption of milk which has more health
benefit and less sugar than soft drinks. 
Dairy products having the highest content of calcium, then they would
preferably be used as a refreshment and also be incorporated into meals such as
breakfast.  With the above substitution
of meals and foods, then I will have eradicated any of the health threats that
maybe related to consumption of unbalanced diet.

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